35+ Useful Windows 10 Shortcut Keys

One of the best ways to increase your computing productivity doesn’t cost a cent: learn the keyboard shortcuts for your most-used commands. here i list 35+ Useful Windows 10 Shortcut Keys.

To help you stop mousing around and become a keyboard maestro, I rounded up the best resources for finding, using, and creating shortcuts.

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01WinkeyOpen and Close The Start Menu.
02WinKey+1.2…ETCSwitch To Desktop and Launch The Numbered Application in The Taskbar.
03WinKey+AOpen the Action Center.
04WinKey+BHighlight the Notification Area.
05WinKey+CLaunch Cortana Into Listening Mode. Users Can Begin To Speak To Cortana Immediately
06WinKey+DSwitch Between Show Desktop
07WinKey+ELaunch File Explorer
08WinKey+HOpen The Share Charm
09WinKey+IOpen The Settings App
10WinKey+KOpen The Connect Pane
11WinKey+LLock The Device And Go To The Lock Screen
12WinKey+MSwitch To The Desktop and Minimize all Open Windows
13WinKey+OLock Device Orientation
14WinKey+POpen The Project Pane To Search and Connect to External Displays and Projectors
15WinKey+RDisplay The Run Dialog Box
16WinKey+SLaunch Cortana
17WinKey+TCycle Through The Apps on The Taskbar
18WinKey+ULaunch The Ease of Access Center
19WinKey+VCycle Through Notifications
20WinKey+XOpen The WinX Menu in The Lower-left Corner of The Screen.
21WinKey+ZOpen The App-Specific Command Bar
22WinKey+ENTERLaunch Narrator
23WinKey+SPACEBARSwitch Input Language and Keyboard Layout
24WinKey+TABOpen Task view
25WinKey+,Peek at The Desktop
26WinKey+PLUSZoom in
27WinKey+MINUSZoom out
28WinKey+ESCAPEClose Magnifier
29WinKey+LEFTDock The Active Window to The Left Half of The Monitor.
30WinKey+RIGHTDock The Active Window to The Right Half Of The Monitor.
31WinKey+UPMaximize the Active Window Vertically and Horizontally.
32WinKey+DOWNRestore or Minimize The active Window
33WinKey+UP ARROWMaximize The Active Window Vertically, Maintaining The Current Width
34WinKey+DOWN ARROWRestore or Minimize The Active Window Vertically
35WinKey+SHIFT+DOWN ARROWRestore or Minimize The Active Window Vertically
36WinKey+SHIFT+LEFT ARROWWith Multiple Monitors, Move The Active Window To The Monitor on The Left.
37WinKey+CTRL+F4Close The Desktop You’re Using

Although the global Windows shortcuts are the headliners, you will probably save the most time by getting to know the keyboard shortcuts in frequently used applications such as your Web browser, e-mail program, and word processor.

I hope this might help you 

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