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5 Best Google AMP Blogger Templates [SEO Friendly In 2019]


Best Google AMP Blogger Templates SEO friendly free templates. With these templates, you can increase the loading speed of your website or blog website with these free templates.

What is AMP Template

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it’s a project made by Google and Twitter that aims to offer fast loading mobile pages and enhance website mobile performance. The AMP should enhance the loading speed of your articles on mobile devices making it blazing fast or almost instant.

1. Maknyus


The Maknyus AMP Blogger Template has been created by Raden Gino. These templates have two column designs, fast and responsive, organized layout, bright colors. It features fast loading, browser compatibility, social sharing and SEO friendly web design.

Template NameMaknyus
Template PlatformBlogspot/Blogger
Theme Price Free

2. Blanterde


A Blanterde AMP Blogger Template is built by IDBlanter. It is suitable for a two-column design and personal website. Looks tuned and fully responsive template. This includes features like Fast-loading, AMP Search Box, Navigation Menu, Discussion Comments, Mobile Sidebar, Top Navigation Bar, Bright Color, AMP Based Button / IFrame / Slider, etc.

Template NameBlanterde
Template PlatformBlogspot/Blogger
Theme PriceFree

3. Siniladom


Siniladom AMP Blogger Template made by Ikhwan Zubir. This SEO-friendly blogger template has two columns, right-sidebar, and 4 footer columns and easy to customize. It includes features like vertical drop-down menu, AMP validator, light base color theme, breadcrumbs, Adsense ready, etc.

Template NameSiniladom
Template PlatformBlogspot/Blogger
Theme Price Free

4. Noname


Noname AMP Blogger Template, this template developed by Bung Frangki. This template has been created and configured for SEO and Mobile Friendly. It features auto resize thumbnail images, cross-browser compatibility, built-in CSS3, responsive ad slots, SSL / HTTPS support.

Template NameNoname
Template PlatformBlogspot/Blogger
Theme Price Free

5. Infinite AMP Blogger Template

Infinite AMP Blogger Template

The infinite AMP blogger themes were created by Blogger Master Arilana. This template is one of the best powerful SEO optimized APM Blogger template in the world. And it’s a widely distributed premium theme. It features SEO friendly, features as an elegant look, overactive, dynamic title, footer menu, etc.

Template NameInfinite AMP Responsive Blogger model
Template PlatformBlogspot/blogger
Theme PriceFree

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