5 Things to know when choosing the Right Men’s Watch

Between the brand, the size, the shape, the price … it is sometimes difficult to make a choice, here are my tips for choosing the right watch.


1 What watch for what age?
2 What budget for a watch?
3 What watch for sport?
4 Are you more classic, chic man or sexual metro?
5 Do you need a leather strap or a curb for your watch?
6 On which wrist should you wear your watch?
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how to choose a men’s watch

For a man, there is no question to ask: a watch is an essential! While a woman will often wear a bracelet, a man must have a watch around the wrist .

A sign of elegance and presence, it is essential, both at work and in the street or out with friends or his half. In addition, I presented a very beautiful watch from the English brand PAUL SMITH.

So how do you choose the right mens watch, and most importantly… do we have to wear the same watch all the time?

To help you, we will set up a series of questions to which you will have to answer in order to help you in the choice to make.

What watch for what age?
If you are under 18, buying a watch will be more compulsive than anything else. A Swatch watch will do the trick, for a price of less than € 100.

If you are 18 and over, you will start to appreciate beautiful things and above all, to wear accessories that match your personality and your wallet.

What budget for a watch?
I do not believe that you should put too much money on a watch, although I understand the passion that some have for these beautiful objects.

If you have less than 200 euros, we will focus on a single watch. It is quite possible to find very beautiful watches at this price.
With a budget of around 300 euros, we can turn to 2 very distinct watches. This will allow you to vary the watches according to the occasion .
If you have a budget of more than 1000 €, you will have to think about buying a collector’s watch, you could find very beautiful ones on second-hand sites.
Which watch for sport?
Do you play sports ? Men most often break their watches during sporting activities, it is therefore necessary to provide a suitable watch and not to wear your pretty watch during a weight training session .

It is a fashion accessory, therefore useless in the gym. Similarly, if you like to swim, make sure that the strap and the watch are waterproof.

Paul Smith Men’s Watch Precision Silver And Rose Gold Color
Are you more classic, chic man or sexual metro?
It may seem complicated, but it’s simple:

The classic man will wear a very simple watch , black, brown or silver, without artifices, like for example the Paul Smith watch in the photo above.
The chic man will move towards a much more expensive watch, in fact, he does not count and wants beautiful things that we notice;
The sexual Metro, will rather take a fashionable watch, like the watches of the Guess brand. He will also tend to have several, with different colors to adapt them to each look (day, evening, weekend).
Do you need a leather strap or a curb for your watch?
To this question, I have no exact answer to give you.

Indeed, it depends on your skin type and your tastes. Some people do not support leather, you have to test your sensitivity to leather on the one hand, and also note that a leather bracelet must be replaced, it does not have the same lifespan as a bracelet.

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