Adobe Flash Shortcut Key


Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
02TText Tool
04IInk Bottle
05BPaint Brush
06UPaint Bucket


Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01F5Add frame
02Shift + F5Delete Frame
03F6Add Keyframe
04F7Add Blank Keyframe
05F8Make Symbol


Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
02Ctrl + 0 [Zero]Rewind
03<Previous Frame
04>Next Frame
05HomeGo to First Scene
06EndGo to Last Scene
07Page UpGo to Previous Scene
08Page DownGo to Next Scene


Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl + RImport Image/Sound/etc…
02cTRL + Shift + RExport to .swf/.spl/.gif/, etc…
03Ctrl + Shift + OOpen as Library


Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl + 1View movie at 100% size
02Ctrl + 2Show Frame
03Ctrl + 3Show All


Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl + LShow/Hide Library
02Ctrl + MModify Movie Properties
03Ctrl + EToggle between Edit Movie and Edit Symbol Mode
04Ctrl + Shift + LShow/Hide Timeline
05Ctrl + Shift + WShow/Hide Work Area

 Modifying and Editing

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl + GGroup
02Ctrl + UUngroup
03Ctrl + BBreak Apart
04Ctrl + Shift + VPaste in Place
05Ctrl + DDuplicate
06Ctrl + ASelect All
07Ctrl + Shift + ADeselect All
08Ctrl + Shift + OOptimize Curves
09Ctrl + KAlign Window
10Ctrl + Shift + SScale and Rotate
11Ctrl + Shift +ZRemove Transform
12Ctrl + Arrow UpMove Ahead
13Ctrl + Shift + Arrow UpBring to Front
14Ctrl + Arrow DownMove Behind
15Ctrl + Shift + Arrow DownSend to Back
16Ctrl + TModify Font
17Ctrl + Shift + TModify Paragraph
18Ctrl + Arrow LeftNarrower letterspacing (kerning)
19Ctrl + Arrow Rightwider letterspacing (kerning)

 Other Useful

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl + Click a keyframe to move frameControl + clicking a frame in the timeline switches the cursor to a slider. It allows you to drag that frame to a new place in the timeline within that same layer.This function is useful for editing the positioning of tweens, and so on, in the timeline.
02Shift + ClickSelect a color for both fill and outline tools. Shift clicking with the dropper makes the color you click active for ALL tools. It doesn’t automatically switch you to any tool. It leaves the dropper active.
03Ctrl + ClickToggles to the opposite magnifier. If the + magnifier (zoom in) is active, and you hit Control while clicking, you switch to the – magnifier and actually zoom OUT.
04Ctrl + DragDuplicates a shape.Press the control key first (Mac OS and Windows) and drag a selected shape or group of shapes to duplicate those shapes where you release the mouse button.
05Ctrl + Click a keyframe in the timelineSwitches the cursor to a slider and allows you to drag that frame to a new place in the timeline within that same layer.

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