Adobe InDesign Shortcut Key

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01ADirect Selection tool
02Ctrl+TabToggle Selection and Direct Selection tool
03Shift+PPage tool
04UGap tool
05PPen tool
06=Add Anchor Point tool
07Shift+CConvert Direction Point tool
08TType tool
09Shift+TType On A Path tool
10NPencil tool (Note tool)
11\Line tool
12FRectangle Frame tool
13MRectangle tool
14LEllipse tool
15RRotate tool
16SScale tool
17OShear tool
18EShear tool
19EFree Transform tool
20IEyedropper tool
21KMeasure tool
22GGradient tool
23CScissors tool
24HHand tool
25ZZoom tool
26XToggle Fill and Stroke
27Shift+XSwap Fill and Stroke
28JToggle between Formatting Affects Container and Formatting Affects Text
29, [comma]Apply Color
30/Apply No Color
31WSwitch between Normal View and Preview Mode
32YFrame Grid tool (horizontal)
33QFrame Grid tool (vertical)
34Shift+GGradient Feather tool
35Transformation tool+Alt–drag*Duplicate and transform selection
36Ctrl+,Decrease scale by 1%
37Ctrl+Alt+,Decrease scale by 5%
38Ctrl+.Increase scale by 1%
39Ctrl+Alt+.Increase scale by 5%
40Selection tool+Ctrl–dragResize frame and content
41Selection tool+Shift+Ctrl–dragResize frame and content proportionately
42Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ZSwitch image from High Quality Display to Fast Display
43Direct Selection tool+Alt+Ctrl, or Pen tool+AltTemporarily select Convert Direction Point tool
44AltTemporarily switch between Add Anchor Point and Delete Anchor Point tool
45Scissors tool+AltTemporarily select Add Anchor Point tool
46Pen tool+ShiftKeep Pen tool selected when pointer is over path or anchor point
47Pen tool+spacebarMove anchor point and handles while drawing
48F10Display the Stroke panel
49Tab/Shift+TabMove to next/previous cell
50Alt+Page Up/ Alt+Page DownMove to first/last cell in column
51Alt+Home/ Alt+EndMove to first/last cell in row

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