Adobe Reader X Shortcut Key

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01HUse [h]and tool
02VUse select tool
03GUse snapshot tool
04Ctrl + 0Zoom to fit page
05Ctrl + 1Zoom to 100%
06Ctrl + 4Reflow document. May make it easier to read
07Ctrl + YZoom to specific Magnification
08Arrow Upscroll up
09Arrow DownScroll down
10Page Upone screen up
11Page DownJump one screen down
12Ctrl + HomeJump to beginning
13Ctrl + Endjump to end of document
14Ctrl + Page Upone page up
15Ctrl + Page DownJump one page down
16Alt + Arrow LeftJump to previously visited page
17Alt + Arrow Rightnext page or view
18Ctrl + Shift + NGoto page [n]umber specified
19Ctrl + Shift + HTurn automatic scrolling on or off. Use [arrow up] /[arrow down] to control speed and direction
20Ctrl + Shift + –Rotate page counter-clockwise
21Ctrl + HTurn Reading Mode on or off (hide toolbar and menu bar)
22Ctrl + LTurn Full Screen Mode on or off
23F4Show/hide Navigation Pane
24F8Show/hide Toolbar
25F9Show/hide Menu (file, edit, etc.)
26Ctrl + FFind box (use [f6] to jump between window elements to get back to document)
27F3Find next
28Shift + F3find previous
29Ctrl + ASelect all
30Ctrl + Shift + ADe-select all
31Ctrl + DDocument properties
32Ctrl + Shift + SSave a Copy
33Ctrl + PPrint Page menu
34Ctrl + OOpen File
35Ctrl + WClose current document
36Ctrl + QExit (close all documents)

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