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Greetings and congratulations to all. Hope everybody is well. People who haven’t heard the words “Amazon Affiliate Marketing” and “Niche Site” at the moment may not be found. And since you are following me and reading my blog, I can assume that you have some idea about this. If you are interested in Amazon Affiliate Marketing but do not have a detailed idea about it then this article is for you. Let’s get started.

Many of us are interested in online income. Especially young people who are students or employees who want to earn money online as another way of extra income besides work. Amazon Affiliate Marketing is for them, through which you can easily earn up to 300-500 dollars per month.

What is Amazon?

Who doesn’t know Amazon? Then for those who don’t know, Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce website. On July 4, 1994, Amazon launched in Washington, DC. The founder of Amazon is Jeff Bezos. Initially, Amazon only sells books through their website, but now it sells all kinds of daily necessities. But do you know how many products are sold every day?

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a process where you promote one or more of Amazon’s products online on your website. If you sell that product from your promotion, you will get a commission from there.

What is Amazon Niche Site?

When you create an Amazon Nice site, you need to build a website on a specific Nice or topic. Then your job will be to arrange to send visitors to the website you have created. Nice sites can be of different types, Travel, Tech, Health These are known as Broad Nish. Hiking in travel, camping 6. Tech, mobile, camera, headphones can be such a sub niche.

Again some websites are multi-nicer. This type of website reviews all categories of products including kitchen, travel, home improvement. However, after the recent EAT update on Google (Expertise + Authority + Trustworthiness), many are saying to refrain from multi-niche sites.

What is passive income?

Those who wander the online marketing community may be familiar with the term “passive income”. It is possible to earn income and passive income from Amazon affiliate.

But what does this passive income mean? If you want to know the meaning of passive income, you need to know about “active income”.

Active Income

Simply put, active income means “the remuneration you get for your work at a given time.” Let’s say you work in graphics design. After finishing a job in 3 hours, you get paid $5,000, this is your active income. In addition, the remuneration you receive at the end of the month working in your office is also included in the active income. Most of our income is active income.

Some disadvantages of active income

Active income is not flexible
To get paid is to be dependent on others
If you get in trouble, you may lose your job
You have to sit at work at the specified time (9 am – 5 pm).
Active income is limited and specified amounts.

Passive income

Passive income is a type of income system, “which you do not always have to stick to”. As a practical example, you build a house and then divide it into 5 rooms with 5 tenants. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo

This is an excellent example of passive income offline. Affiliate marketing, online courses, ebooks, stock photos, etc. are also popular among the various popular passive income online.

Some benefits of passive income

You have to pay a certain amount of time, talent, money and labor until the source of income is created, then you just have to maintain it.
You don’t always have to be associated with it.
Complete freedom of time and money is available.
You can earn more with less effort than active income.
You don’t have to depend on anyone.

Hopefully you have got a clear idea about active and passive income. Income and Passive Income from Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Here you will create a website, there is no need to do much after racking the site by SEO. Then the income that will come every month is passive income. Although it is not known where the word passive income originated from, many people think that the famous affiliate marketer Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income, a famous website for passive income.

Who can do “Amazon Affiliate Marketing”?

This is a very important point, for whom is “Amazon Affiliate Marketing”? Can you do it It is normal to think of such questions. Because all around is a scattering of screenshots of income, which is enough to confuse newcomers.

Before building a career in Amazon Affiliate Marketing you need to be sure if you really want to do it. Because Amazon affiliate marketing is not a method that you can learn to earn thousands of dollars at the end of the first month. One is a long process and in some cases money is also needed here. However, with private expertise, this cost can be greatly reduced.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is primarily for those interested in online and digital marketing. With enough interest, a lot of desire to learn, and a fair amount of knowledge of English, I believe that anyone can earn quite a bit through Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

What to know

The most important poison for Amazon affiliate marketing is SEO. Having a little idea about your SEO means you are half ahead of anyone. Another important thing is to know English. However, it is not mandatory. If you are good in English, it is possible to halve the cost of the project if you do not outsource the content / article.

What amount of time to give?

At the beginning of the article, I made it clear that Amazon affiliate marketing is not a way to make thousands of dollars in a short period of time. If you want to build a career in affiliate marketing, you have to stick to it. In my opinion, for an income of-300-500 from a site through affiliate marketing, you should work 3-4 hours a day for a minimum of 1 year.

What is needed to create Amazon Niche site?

Accurate Nice Research
Doing keyword research
Buying domain-hosting
Website design
Product selection
Publish reviews / content
Do SEO to rank websites

To create a niche site on an Amazon affiliate, you need to select a niche at the beginning. It should be noted here that the niche is not competitive. Baby Strollers, Fishing These are considered super competitive niches. Try to find the niche of some uncommon and low competition. Nice research should be given more time in the beginning. One of the things I personally focus on during niche research is that niche is not seasonal. In other words, if your niche or topic is seasonal, then you can make a good income from the site at a certain time of the year. An example is the hiking night. This is a seasonal niche, hiking in the American summer. So in winter such products are less sold. Then and if you are confident in this time you can bring out the Arni of the site then the work can be done.

You have to select the niche and get the domain and hosting from a good company. My choice in this regard is namecheap (you can contact me if you need help buying domain hosting) domain and the work that needs to be done after buying hosting is to design the site. If you want you can buy a premium theme from Theme Forest. I use the Thrive theme on my website. However, you can also work on a free theme.

Right after that, keyword research, finding low competitive keywords is not an easy task. It is true, but not impossible. Try to find keywords that are low competitive and have fair search volume. In this case you can take the help of an expert if you want, or you can outsource this part.

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