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Joomla content management system

Joomla content management

At present, our daily activities on the computer are becoming Internet-based. Web applications gradually occupy the desktop application space. It is compulsory for any small business organization to become a website. Those who know the programming might be able to create websites for their own organization. However, the costs of

HTML All Tags List


HTML syntax: The HTML tag is covered with an angle bracket (<>) There are some keywords in it. This keyword indicates how the content of the webpage should be displayed. For HTML tags, these two symbols (<>) and (</>) are used. The first tag (<>) is the opening tag or the

How does the search engine work?

How does the search engine work?

Internet users have searched their required information in a variety of ways. Someone has directly entered the address and visited his desired website. And those who do not know the addresses of specific sites, they usually search by entering keywords in search engines. Then the search engine provides different information

What is graphic design?

graphic design

Graphical artwork is called graphic design. Simply speaking, to create beautiful and quality paintings using text or design are called graphics designs. And to say it simply, you can see different types of images through the news, you see the different advertisements of these companies. These images can be seen