AutoCAD Shortcut Key

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl + NNew Drawing
02Ctrl + SSave drawing
03Ctrl + OOpen Drawing
04Ctrl + PPlot dialog box
05Ctrl + TabSwitch to next
06Ctrl + Page UpSwitch to next tab / switch to previous tab in current drawing
07Ctrl + QExit
08Ctrl + ASelect all objects
09F3Toggles object snap mode
10F7Toggle grid mode
11F8Toggle ortho mode
12F9]Toggle snap mode
13F10Toggle polar mode
14F11Toggle object snap tracking
15F12Toggle dynamic input mode
16Ctrl + 0Clean Screen
17Ctrl + 1Property Palette
18Ctrl + 2Design Center Palette
19Ctrl + 3Tool Palette
20Ctrl + 4Sheet Set Palette
21Ctrl + 6DBConnect Manager
22Ctrl + 7Markup Set Manager Palette
23Ctrl + 8Quick Calc
24Ctrl + 9Command Line
25Ctrl + CCopy object
26Ctrl + XCut object
27Ctrl + VPaste object
28Ctrl + Shift + CCopy to clipboard with base point/p>
29Ctrl + Shift +VPaste data as block
30Ctrl + ZUndo last action
31Ctrl + YRedo last action
32Ctrl + [Cancel current command (or [ctrl]+[\])
33Ctrl + DToggle coordinate [d]isplay
34Ctrl + GToggle Grid
35Ctrl + ECycle isometric planes
36Ctrl + FToggle running object snaps
37Ctrl + HToggle Pick Style
38Ctrl + Shift + HToggle [H]ide pallets
39Ctrl + Shift + IToggle Coords
40Ctrl +Toggle [I]nfer Constraints

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