Best south indian savouries non-sweet snacks recipes


1c. gram flour1/2 tsp. salt
1Tbsp. riceflour1/16 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. redpepper (powder)1 c. water
1/8 tsp. asafoetida (powder) 

Combine the above ingredients to make the batter.

3 medium onions                                                2 c. oil

Cut onions into thin round circles. Dip each piece in the batter and deep fry in oil until golden brown. Makes into 22 pajjies. Potato, raw banana, eggplant, plantains, unripe tomatoes, apples, fresh spinach leaves, small sections of cauliflower and zucchini can be substituted for onion.


1c.gram-flour1/16 tsp. baking soda
3/4 c. water1/4 tsp. salt
 Combine these items to make the batter.  
10 (small) potatoes1/2 tsp. ginger (chopped)
1/2 tsp. urad dhal2hot green peppers (chopped)
11/4 tsp. mustard seeds2onions (chopped)
3Tbsp. oil to saute3/4 tsp. salt
  oil for deep frying

Boil potatoes in water until they become soft. Peel off the skin and cut them into small squares. Saute urad dhal and mustard seeds in 3 tablespoons of oil in a fry pan over medium heat. When urad dhal turns into golden color, add ginger, green pepper and onion.

When onion turns into golden brown, add the potatoes and salt. Keep on stirring for 3 minutes and then remove from heat. Make potato mixture into small balls about the size of a lime. Dip them in the batter of gram flour and deep fry in oil until golden brown. Yields about 22 bondas.

CHEEDAI (Type 1)

1c. rice flour1/2 tsp.salt
3tsp. urad dhal flour1/8tsp.asafoetida (powdered)
8Tbsp. water1/2tsp.cumin seeds
3tsp. coconut (shredded)1 1/2 c.oil

Dry fry rice and urad dhal flour separately over medium heat and mix with next 5 ingredients to make the dough. Make the dough into small balls (about the size of marbles) and deep fry in oil. Many balls can be fried at a time. When golden brown take out with a slotted spoon.

CHEEDAI (Type 2)

1 c. rice1/8 tsp. asafoetida (powder)
1/3 c. cream-of-wheat1/4 tsp. cumin seeds
1/3 c. Bis-quick mix1/4tsp. sesame seeds
1/4c. coconut (shredded)3/4c. oil
1/2tsp. butter  

Combine first 9 ingredients to make dough. Make dough into small balls about the size of marbles and deep fry in oil until golden brown.


1c. rice flour1 c. water
1tsp. rice flouroilfor frying
1/2 tsp. salt1/4tsp. red pepper (roasted)

Utensils: Bottom part of murukku shooter, with plate with medium sized holes. Combine flours, salt and water to make batter. Heat oil over medium heat. Attach

plate with medium holes to shooter. Holding bottom of shooter over oil, pour the batter into oil, moving the shooter at the same time so that batter lands in different places. When batter touches oil it will turn into round small pebbles. Turn them over with slotted spoon. Drain oil and mix red pepper power.

P.S. Karaboonthi mixed with yogurt makes a good side dish.


2 Tbsp. oil

1 c. gram flour

2 Tbsp. rice flour

1/4 tsp. black pepper (powered)

1/4 tsp. garlic powder

1/4 tsp. red chili (powdered)

3/4 tsp. salt

1/2 c. water

2 c. oil

Utensils: Murukku shooter with plate with medium sized holes (murukku plate). Heat 2 Tbs. oil and mix with the next 7 ingredients to make dough. Fill murukku

shooter (with plate with medium-sized holes) with dough. Heat oil. Holding shooter above oil, press to make long straight macaroni like sticks of about 5 inches, or a long as will fit in pan. Make sure sticks do not fall on top of each other. Deep fry until golden brown. Remove with slotted spoon and drain oil.


2Tbsp. chana dhal2c. karaboonthi
1/2 c. oil2c. omapodi
3Tbsp. curry leaves (broken)1/2 c. peanuts

Soak chana dhal in water for 2 hours and deep fry in oil. When it turns golden, remove from oil. In the same oil, fry curry leaves for 1 minute. Make karaboondhi and omapodi following the directions in the previous two recipes. Mix omapodi, kara-boondhi, peanuts, fried curry leaves, and fried chana dhal. Sore in airtight containers.


1tsp. salt1c. urad dhal flour
1c. water2tsp. butter 
3c. rice flour1tsp. sesameoil

oil for frying

Utensils: Murukku shooter with murukku plate

Mix salt in a cup of water until it dissolves. Mix salt water, flour, sesame seeds and butter to make dough as for pooris or bread. Heat oil. Fit medium sized hole plate to murukku shooter. Fill shooter with dough and press to make string-like circular

forms (about 3 inches in diameter) into the oil. 3 or 4 can be made at a time. Turn them over for both sides to be fried evenly. Remove from oil when they turn into light brown color. Looks like round noodles. Keep them in airtight containers so they will be crispy.

Note: Murukku shooters can be obtained from India or from the Indian stores. It comes with many adjustable plates. Use the plate with medium sized holes for murukku.


1/2tsp. salt1 c. gram flour
1/2c. wateroil for deep frying

Utensil needed: Murukku shooter with the plate which has many tiny holes. Dissolve salt in water and mix it with the flour to make the dough. Heat the oil in a

fry pan. Attach the plate with the tiny holes on the murukku shooter. Fill the shooter with the dough and squeeze the dough to make 1 big circle of string like noodles, into the oil. When one side turns into a golden color, turn it over for the other side to be fried equally well. When the big noodle ring turns into golden color, remove from oil. Make only one big circle at a time. Can make about 4 big rings. Break the circle into tiny pieces. Looks like egg noodles. They will be crisp if kept in air tight container.


1 c. gram flour

1/2 c. rice flour

1/4 c. water

3/4 tsp. salt

3 Tbsp. butter (melted)

1/2 x 1/2 inch ginger

2 hot green peppers

1/2 c. onions (chopped)

  1. cashews

2 c. oil

Combine first 5 ingredients and mix it with chopped pieces of coriander cashew, pepper, ginger and onion. Pakkodas do not have a definite shape. Pinch off dough in small quantities with a teaspoon and drop them into the skillet of hot oil over medium heat. Deep fry 5-7 pieces at a time until golden brown. Remove pieces with a slotted spoon and drain oil.


2c. gramflour1/4 tsp. fennel seeds(powder)
1c. riceflour1/4tsp. curry leaves(powder )
1tsp. red pepper powder1 Tbsp. shortening 
2tsp. saltoilfor deep frying 

Combine the first 7 ingredients and make a dough by adding as much water as needed to make it Into a firm dough (like bread or poori dough). Over medium heat, heat oil in an iron skillet. Fit the plate which has the design with two square holes on to the murukku shooter. Fill the shooter with the dough and press it (over oil) to make the dough into small ribbon 1like pieces. When the pieces turn into golden color remove them from oil. Drain oil and keep them in airtight containers.



1/2 c. all purpose flour                           1/4 tsp. salt

1 Tbsp. butter                                                  2 Tbsp. water


3 Tbsp. oil (for sauteing)

1/2 tsp. mustard seeds

1 onion

2 hot green peppers

1/2 x 1/2 inch fresh ginger 1/8 tsp. turmeric powder

1/2 c. peas and carrots(frozen)
1/2 tsp. curry powder 
salt to taste 
1/2 c. potatoes (boiledand cubed)
1tsp. coriander leaves 
2tsp. lemon juice 
oil as needed (for deepfrying)

Combine first 4 ingredients. Knead it well to make a smooth soft dough. Heat 3 tablespoons of oil and saute mustard seeds. When they crack, add onion. When they become golden brown, add pepper, ginger and turmeric. After 2 minutes add carrots and peas, curry powder and salt. When vegetables become soft, add potatoes, coriander leaves and lemon juice. Mix well and remove from heat. Divide the dough into 6 equal balls. With a rolling pin, roll out each ball into a thin round circle as far as it could spread. Cut each circle into two equal pieces. Place a spoonful of vegetable filling into the middle of the semicircle pastry. Fold the sides over each other to form a triangular shape and press the openings to be sealed. Deep fry until golden brown.



1lb.groundbeef2tsp. red pepper powder
1c.cabbage( chopped)1tsp. ginger( powder)
1tsp.coriander powder3cloves garlic (minced)
2tsp.cuminpowdersalt to taste
Oil asneeded for deep frying.  

Shell or Pastry: 1 pkg. egg roll skin or wrapper (large size) egg-roll skins are sold in all grocery stores and are used as pastries to make Chinese egg-rolls)

Brown the meat in a saucepan and then add the rest of the ingredients mentioned in the items for stuffing. Simmer the mixture for about 20 minutes or until well done. Cut the large egg-roll into 4 equal pieces. Take i strip and make a triangular pocket by folding diagonally. Stuff them with the meat filling and seal them carefully by moistening the edges with water. Deep fry in oil until golden brown.

Note: instead of using ready made egg-roll skins you may make your own pastry as mentioned in ”vegetable samosass”


1/2 c. chana dhal

1/2 c. urad dhal

1/2 c. yellow split peas 1 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. asafoetida

2 onions (medium)

2 hot green chilies

2 c. oil (for deep frying)

Mix the dhals and peas together and soak it in water for 3 hours. Wash and grind it with salt and asafoetida adding as little water as possible into a coarse paste. Cut onion and pepper into tiny pieces and mix them with the dough. Heat oil in a fry pan, pinch off enough dough to make a ball about the size of a lime and flatten the ball into a round patty and deep fry in oil 3 or 4 at a time. Turn over so that both sides are deep fried evenly. When golden brown remove from oil. Makes about 15. Note: The proportions of chana dhal, split peas and urad dhal can be altered according to one’s taste. Also chana dhal alone can be used in place of split peas and urad dhal.


1/ c. rice1onion(big) chopped
1/2 c. chana dhal1c. cabbage(shredded)
1/2c. urad dhalsalt totaste 
1/2c. split moong dhal1/8tsp. asafoetida
5 green chillies (minced)oilfordeepfrying

Soak rice and dhals separately for 5 hours. Drain out the water and grind them together in a blender, adding a little water as possible to make it into a fine dough. Mix chillies, onion, cabbage, salt and asafoetida with the dough. Take a tablespoon of dough, form into a round ball and deep fry in oil 4 or 5 at a time. When golden brown take them out with a slotted spoon. Drain oil and serve hot with a chutney. Note: Shredded spinach can be substituted for the cabbage.


1c. beaten rice4greenchilies,chopped
3medium size potatoes1/4c. choppedcoriander leaves
1/4 c. roasted peanuts11/2 tsp. chilipowder
3Tbsp. gram floursalt totaste  
2Tbsp. grated coconutoilforfryingPoori

Wash beaten rice and drain. Boil, peel and mash the potatoes. Remove skin from peanuts and powder them coarsely. Mix green chilies, mashed potatoes, gram flour, coconut, powdered peanuts and coriander leaves. Lastly, odd the beaten rice and mix well. Take a little amount of the mixture and flatten it into a round patty and deep fry in oil till golden brown. Serve with tomato sauce or chutney.

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