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General Navigation

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01MMB(Middel Mouse Button)+hold+dragRotates the 3D View
02MMB(Middel Mouse Button) scroll Up/DownZoom 3D View and other Editors in/out
03Shift+MMB(Middel Mouse Button)Strafe/Translate viewport or editor left/right and up/down
04Ctrl+MMB(Middel Mouse Button)Zoom 3D View and other Editors in/out
05LMB(Left Mouse Button) ClickConfirm or set an action or operation
06LMB(Left Mouse Button)+hold+dragInitiates & drags X, Y, & Z Widget handles in 3D View
07Ctrl+LMB(Left Mouse Button)Freestyle ‘loop’ Select
08RMB(Right Mouse Button) ClickSelect Object, item or element
09Shift+RMB(Right Mouse Button)Multi-select or multi-deselect Objects, items or elements

 General Object

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01GMove/Manipulate (X, Y and Z to lock axis)
02SResize/Scale (X, Y and Z to lock axis)
03RRotate (X, Y and Z to lock axis)

 General 3D View Orientation

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Homere-centre 3D View (averaged on visible objects)
02Numpad 0Camera Perspective
03Numpad 1Front ortho (looking back)
04Ctrl + Numpad 1Back ortho (looking forwards)
05Shift + Numpad 1axis orientation to Z/X/Y (up/down, left/right, front/back)
06Numpad 4Roll scene left/right, up/down (relative to view left/right)*
07Numpad 3Right ortho (looking left)
08Ctrl + Numpad 3Left ortho (looking right)
09Shift + Numpad 3axis orientation to Z/Y/X (up/down, front/back, left-right)
10Numpad 5toggle Perspective/Orthographic
11Numpad 7Top ortho (looking down)
12Ctrl + Numpad 7Bottom ortho (looking up)
13Shift + Numpad 7axis orientation to Y/X/Z (front/back, left/right, up/down)
14Numpad/Local/Global orientation
15Numpad+Zoom in
16Numpad-Zoom out
17Numpad.Focus on selection
18Ctrl + Numpad 4Strafe/Pan scene Left/Right, Up/Down
19Shift + Numpad 4Roll scene clockwise/anti-clockwise

 General Editor

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
02Shift+F2Logic Editor
03Shift+F3Node Editor
05Shift+F53D View
06Shift+F6Graph Editor
08Shift+F8Video Sequence Editor
10Shift+F10UV/Image Editor
11Shift+F11Text Editor
12Shift+F12Dope Sheet

 3D View Object Mode

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
011 » 0Layers (top row)
02Alt+1 » 0Layers (bottom row)
03Ctrl+1 » 5Subdivision levels 1x thru 5x
04Shift+1 » 0multi-select Layers (top row)
05Shift+Alt+1 » 0multi-select Layers (bottom row)
07Alt+BClip Select (toggles off when used again)
08Shift+BZoom to Selected
09Shift+DDuplicate (unlinked)
10Ctrl+Alt+GRemove Selected from Active Group
11Ctrl+Shift+GAdd Selected to Active Group
12Shift+GSelect Grouped

 3D View Edit mode

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
011 » 0Layers (top row – selecting layers in Edit mode keeps active mesh in view)
02Alt+1 » 0Layers (bottom row)
03Ctrl+1 » 5Subdivision level 1x thru 5x
04Shift+1 » 0multi-select Layers (top row)
05Shift+Alt+1 » 0multi-select Layers (bottom row)
06ASelect All/Deselect All
07BBorder (Box) Select
08Alt+Btoggle Clip Select (on select/off)
09Ctrl+BBevel Edge selections
10Shift+Ctrl+BBevel Vertex selections

 General Action Editor

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01ASelect All/Deselect All
02Ctrl+CCopy Keyframe
03IInsert Keyframe
04Ctrl+IInvert Selection
05MAdd Marker
07TSet Keyframe Interpolation
08TabLock Tracks
09Ctrl+VPaste Keyframe
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