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How to improve your blog instantly?

improve your blog

If you want to improve your blog, it’s all about the content creation and content promotion plans you have for your site. These are the two most important things to remember. CONTENT CREATION - Only create great content that provides real value and is better than what’s currently already out there. Google

How to Write SEO-Friendly Article (A Step by Step Guide)

If you have a website for your business, it is important that the content of that website is search engine optimized (SEO). SEO friendly content is important because it affects your website’s placement on search engines. If your website shows up on the main page, you will get more clicks, shared,

What is Medium? How can make money on Medium?

Medium is a content platform founded by Ev Williams and Jason Goldman, both are original founders of Twitter and you can see this reflected in some aspects of the platform. It allows content to be both easily created and consumed, and is strongly influenced by social media in terms of helping

5 Best Google AMP Blogger Templates [SEO Friendly In 2019]

Best Google AMP Blogger Templates SEO friendly free templates. With these templates, you can increase the loading speed of your website or blog website with these free templates. What is AMP Template AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it's a project made by Google and Twitter that aims to offer fast loading

What are some good tips for writing a Blog?

I think the following tips could help those just starting out at blogging as well as veterans but I will do my best to cover every area that you might have questions about. :) No copy-catting. Stop trying to be like someone you admire and find something unique that only you can offer. Tell

The Best Guide to Guest Blogging | Advanced Web Ranking

Guest blogging is the practice of reasearching and writing about a particuilar topic you are interested in and publishing it on a blog or a website that belongs to someone else. It is just a method through which a blogger or an owner of a website allows you to publish something

8 WordPress plugins you use for every website?

It depends on the need of domain. It varies according to your work area. Knowledge of incorporating different types of plug-ins is a great way for smoothing the improved functioning of your WordPress blog post and pages. I have done an in-depth exploration of all most popular plugins and concluded with