Yoga Easy Pose

Easy  Pose PURPOSE Sukhasana is meant to be a grounding pose where you canmeditate or practice breath work. INSTRUCTIONS Sit evenly on your sit bones and cross your shins in … Read more

Yoga Practice

A saying has been popping up in the yoga world lately that sums it up perfectly: “practice, not perfection.” In order to reap the benefits of practicing yoga, you have … Read more

Styles of Yoga

While these styles of yoga all stem from the same historical roots, they are distinct in their focus and beliefs. Here are seven of the most popular styles: Ashtanga Kundalini … Read more

A Brief History of Yoga

We’ve touched on some of the history of yoga with Patanjali’s sutras and the eight principles, but there is still so much to be known. How did this thing we … Read more

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is now. That’s it. That’s all there is to know. Good night and thank you. Okay, it’s far more than that. But that sentence, Yoga is now, is the … Read more