Thursday, September 24, 2020

521 Useful File Extension

No.ExtensionDescription01.$$$ Temporary file02.2gr A File That allows Windows to Display Text and Graphics in Standard Mode on a 286 or 386 Computer03.386Swap File Enables Computer Running in Enhanced mode to Use Windows with Virtual...

Audio File Extension

No.ExtensionDescription01.aacAdvanced Audio Coding File02.aifAudio Interchange File Format03.iffInterchange File Format04.m3uMedia Playlist File05.midMIDI File06.midiMIDI File07.mp3MP3 Audio File08.mpaMPEG Audio File09.raReal Audio File10.ramReal Audio Media11.wavWAVE Audio File12.wmaWindows Media Audio File

Backup File Extension

No.ExtensionDescription01.bakBackup File02.ghoNorton Ghost Backup File03.oldBackup File04.oriOriginal File05.tmpTemporary File

Compressed File Extension

No.ExtensionDescription01.debDebian Software Package02.gzGnu Zipped File03.pkgMac OS X Installer Package04.rarWinRAR Compressed Archive05.seaSelf-Extracting Archive06.sitStuffit Archive07.sitxStuffit X Archive08.zipZipped File Encoded Files09.binMacbinary II Encoded File10.hqxBinHex 4.0 Encoded File11.mimMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Message12.uueUuencoded File

Developer File Extension

No.ExtensionDescription01.cC/C++ Source Code File02.cppC++ Source Code File03.javaJava Source Code File04.plPerl Script

Disk File Extension

No.ExtensionDescription01.dmgMac OS X Disk Image02.isoDisc Image File03.toastToast Disc Image04.vcdVirtual CD

Executable File Extension

No.ExtensionDescription01.appMac OS X Application02.batDOS Batch File03.cgiCommon Gateway Interface Script04.comDOS Command File05.exeWindows Executable File06.pifProgram Information File07.vbVBScript File08.wsWindows Script

Font File Extension

No.ExtensionDescription01.fntFont File02.fonGeneric Font File03.otfOpenType Font04.ttfTrueType Font

Games File Extension

No.ExtensionDescription01.gamSaved Game File02.nesNintendo (NES) ROM File03.romN64 Game ROM File04.savSaved Game

Image File Extension

No.ExtensionDescription01.mngMultiple Network Graphic02.pctPicture File Raster Image Files03.bmpBitmap Image File04.gifGraphical Interchange Format File05.jpegJPEG Image File06.jpgJPEG Image File07.pngPortable Network Graphic08.psdPhotoshop Document09.pspPaint Shop Pro Image File10.tifTagged Image File Vector Image Files11.aiAdobe Illustrator File12.drwDrawing File13.dxfDrawing Exchange...