What is keyword research?

Keyword Research is an integral part of search engine optimization. The beginning of keyword research may be a search engine optimizer, rather than a general user. If you were looking for something on a specific keyword, then the keyword research was the beginning of the potential word or phrase you searched for.



Why Keyword Research Is Important?
Thinking about search engine optimization without keyword research is absolutely stupid, nothing else. Most Internet users prefer to search the Internet even when they need their minimum. Suppose someone wants to know about potatoes and wants to find out where the good potato is found, and if the potato businessman does not use keywords properly on his website without keyword research, then there is a possibility that there is a possibility that potatoes in search engines Searching to get his website? Not at all.

If you see a general website type, you can say that its website, but the search engine bots are blind in this case. She does not look like us, she looks like some code. You have been given ten law enforcement personnel in front of you, all of you are wearing similar clothes, can you tell who you are called? The question is not raised. But if such a person has a badge named? If you do not know anyone, then you can tell everyone’s name.



It is easy to name your name because of the name badge. Such keywords can be selected through keyword research. By applying the right keywords and applying them properly, those keywords will work as a badge near a search engine bot. The search engine can easily understand what the page is basically discussed. So he can put the same thing in search engines and show the page in the proper place.

  • As a result of keyword research, it is known how much the keyword has the potential to be profitable.
  • Long-term keywords can be found
  • Relative keywords can be found
  • It is known how popular any keyword was at any time
  • It is known how often the keyword is searched locally in any country
  • It is known how often international searches are conducted




What can be done without keyword research?
If someone does not research keywords, then attempting to optimize the entire site can be completely in vain. It is important to know a lot about anything. If there is more information about some keywords, people will search by search, any keywords will be easy to rank with, which will be easy to rank in any keyword, etc. If there is more information, then according to the website, search engine optimization is possible, or Some may be upset.



Is Keyword Research Very Difficult?
It depends on the main keywords, tools, and users. The tools and the role of the user are much more in this case. There are quite a number of tools for keyword research (later on to be discussed). The work of all is the same, but there is a difference between each and the other. But the most used Google AdWords Keyword Tool. It is not possible to do all the work properly with a keyword tool, in this case, some tools will have to be assisted.

Some premium keyword research tools can be used and used to spend money, since the cost of the fare is quite natural, so many unique features can be found in those, which will make it very difficult.

Users must also have enough Kamel for keyword research. It is not possible to do a few clicks with Keyword Research Tools one day. That’s why enough time is to be given, analyzes by itself, as well as other websites, will have to be replaced. All in all, there is a need for adequate staff for proper keyword research. So it can not be said very hard. It does not seem very difficult to get used to.



I do not want to spend money
Maybe you do not use premium keyword research tools to spend money, this does not mean that you can not do keyword research. You can certainly do keyword research and can do quite well. The premium tools that allow you to easily do the work, must be hand in hand.

Premium research tools are all inexpensive in the context of Bangladesh, so we have to get rid of our free tools. And it is possible to do good research with free tools too. Need only time, desire and a little fertile head.



I did not do keyword research before, what can I do?
It is normal for you to have not done keyword research in the past. It may be because you did not have a clear idea about your subject or you did not know. Whatever the reason, if you want to do keyword research and it is quite successful. Common issues are being highlighted in this episode. The next step will be to use free tools for keyword research. After reading our articles on Keyword Research you may be able to successfully research keywords.

Be brave. It is not a big company job that you have to have prior experience. It is also possible to have desires, intelligence and time. You should believe that you can, you will think that what you are doing is not better than you, no matter how strong your trust is, you will be more attentive in the work, get encouraged, and above all the work will be well.



What is a related keyword?
Suppose someone is running a bicycle website. Its main subject is the bicycle, but it is also compatible with gloves, bike helmets, wheels, chains, forks, front lights, seating, lock etc. So, the cybercrime website is going to implement these related keywords to create a good quality site.



What is the Long-Tail Keyword?
“Cycling Helmets” is a general keyword, but “Gub K70 White Cycling Helmet” is a long-tail keyword. The advantage of long-tail keywords is that the search volume is low, but it is comparatively easy to rank. For the “Cycling Helmets” keyword, a good number of wood straws have to be burned for a long time, it can take years because only Google has a website that uses this keyword 30 million 70 thousand! That means many websites may have tried to rank in this keyword. On the other hand, “Gub K70 White Cycling Helmet” is a competition for the 3 million 14 thousand websites. That is, compared to cycling helmets, it is comparatively easier to rank 70 cycling helmets than Gaik, so to work with long-tail keywords and optimize, it is possible to rank easily by ranking.



Free Keyword Research Tools
Google AdWords Keyword Tool – It is a search engine giant Google’s web application for keyword research. How many searches have been done on a particular keyword, how many searches are done in the whole world, the number of probes in the world, how the competition will be, and how much the market value can be easily known? This keyword tool will show you the related keywords.

Google Trends – A graph of how many times a particular keyword has been searched on Google, can be seen here, related keywords. Where else on the world the less searched has been seen. There are also some more advantages to it.

what is Google analytic ?

The meaning of the analytic word is statistical or observation. Analytics on the Web is a review of the various weblink hits. Suppose you have a download link for any software on your server. The list of how many downloads it has made, when the maximum, how many times a day has downloaded, the observation is analytics.



You made a site with great difficulty. It’s getting very popular. Now, how many visitors are coming to your site every day Analytical use is essential for those people who prefer more than some text. Again, the site is going to search the search engine by entering the visitors. How long is it? It is also used to know about it. If you use it, you can write article/text in that keyword to make your site more popular.



If you have a C-panel, it is very easy to do analytics. There you will not have to do anything. But I will not tell about the plan today. Because of not all C panels. The methods I say today will be useful for C panel or any other site. This is Google Analytics. You can easily visualize your site from this.

What is Google Webmaster?

Do you want to stay ahead of web search? | Then you have to create a Google Friendly site And there are Google Webmaster Tools to help you with it With Google Webmaster Tools, you will find data, tools and monitoring facilities for building good and Google Friendly sites.


In a word, if you want to create a search-friendly site or search optimization of a page, then one of the most important tasks is to index the site using Google Webmaster Tools. In this case, Google will crawl your site’s information and save the possibility of your site coming early.


Google Webmaster Tools is a collection of several tools or methods given by Google that allows website publishers to do something that can determine how they look at their site search engines. It will provide you with reports and information that will tell you how different pages of your site look like in search results. You can see how much clicks are being done on different elements of your site and how impressions are. This type of information will help you to develop your article’s old articles, write new articles, and create different strategies. The more you can do with Google Webmaster Tools, submit XML files, cancel specific URLs, and give Google a detailed idea about your site. Through this, you can learn more about whether Google’s problem is to crawl or index certain parts of your site.


The webmaster is the name but the reason why you can not be the master of the web without using the webmaster Advantages of Web Master at a Glance:

1. Site Size Submitted |
2. Check and set the crawl rate
3. Find out how Googlebot accesses a specific site
4. Through this, robot text files are generated and checked (some pages can be blocked by robot text files).
5. Keeping a list of internal and external pages links
6. Get a list of Broken links
7. Finding Good Key Ward |
8. Find out how Google is indexing the site and its index and index error.
9. Google’s Manual Receives Notices

What is Off Page SEO ?

Off-site Optimization is optimized outside the site. Maybe you can wake up the question, what’s the site optimized or SEO again? This is the link to your site in the post of various social sites, posting on another site or blog, or posting your site in the comments below. Visitors to your site are getting Off Page Optimization



Follow the example below.
Think, you have Facebook, Google + or Twitter account. Now, if you share your site with those posts on those social sites, then you will definitely find the site visitors.
For example, suppose you have a Facebook group or fan page. Now, if you type in a group or fan page on your site with a part of a post – “go to this link for details”, then many people will visit the link provided to read the post. You will find the visitor.
You are not receiving a search engine from the page or group that visitors are getting. Rather, the visitors who get yourself via postal (backlink) are the off-page optimization.



Why Do Off-Page Optimization?
The main content of SEO is to make the on-site optimization first and secondly, the site will show up on search engines in search results, which is the work of off-page optimization. 75% of SEO work is done in off-page optimization. Off-page optimization is like a lot of promotion or publicity. As much as you can to promote, the backlink will spread. This will be effective for your site. The search engine will give importance to the search results during your site Crayle, depending on off-page optimization or backlink. Off-page optimization boosts a site’s ranking, increases the site’s repatriation, and receives lots of visitors … ..etc.

Today, how do you optimize your page for your page?




The tasks we have to do for op-page optimization are:

1. Directory Submission
2. Share links on social media sites
3. Video Marketing
4. Forum Posting
5. Document Sharing
6. RSS Feed Submission
7. Press Release
8. Guest Posting
9. Article Submission
10. Blog comments



1. Directory submission:
Many people think that, with the submission of the Directory, the high-quality backlink is not possible as before. But if you submit directory, you will get a high-quality backlink. Keep in mind that before submitting the directory, you must check that the directory is the high page rank, Alexa Rank, the domain authority and the page authority.



2. Sharing links to social media sites:
Sharing your site links on different social media sites, the referral visitor to your site/blog is available on Social Media sharing. It’s not a referral visitor but rather plays a lot in increasing your site/blog ranking search engine. Moreover, high-quality backlinks can be found through the social media site. We understand social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ …… In addition to these, there are many social media sites. From which you can easily increase backlink.



3. Video Marketing:
Video Marketing is another popular method to backlink high quality. Depending on the content of your blog/site, create a few video tutorials. Then publish them on a popular video sharing sites (eg Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Veoh … etc …), so there you will find plenty of backlinks for your site.



4. Forum Posting:
The oldest and most popular means of creating backlinks is Forum Posting. Many believe that backlinks to the forum or SEO do not work. If you are able to post a forum, backlinks to the forum will serve as the high-quality backlink.
To get the backlink in the forum posting, you have to work a lot. And remember, do not always post in all forums.



5. Document Sharing:
You can publish some ebooks, pdf files, and presentations on your blog/site, and publish them on the various high page rank, Alexa Rank, and the domain authority’s documents sharing site. When creating documents, give your site a link inside the document. Then you will get high-quality backlink easily.
6. RSS Feed Submission:
There are many sites like Directory Site, where you can publish RSS Feed links to your blog. As a result, when you publish a new post on your blog, automatically link the link to the RSS Feed directory and you will get quality backlink.
7. Press Release Submission:
This is also an old method, which plays an important role in getting high-quality backlinks. You need to find the High Page Rank and the Domain Authority Press Release site. Then those sites will have to submit Unique Press Release to your blog/site. It is very easy to express.
8. Guest Posting:
In many cases, guest posting is much harder than article submission. If you do not write good quality content and do not have good communication with other bloggers, then you will not get high-quality backlink by posting guest on a good site/blog. So, to post the best, you must be a good content writer and keep in touch with bloggers. Find out your site’s niche related blog/site by searching Google, where Guest Post is easy to publish.
9. Article Submission:
One of the most important means for high-quality backlinks is Article Submission. If you are new to SEO at once, it might be a little harder for you. Because- Good quality content for article submission is to be a writer. Besides, it is a bit more tolerant and time is needed.
10. Blog Comments:
The high-quality backlink is the main source of the blog or site comments. You can easily find high-quality backlinks via blog/site comments, blog/site comments according to your blog/site’s niche. If you comment on your site on other blogs/sites, then you can get a lot of referral visitors from there.

There are also many more jobs that we will share next to our needs.

What is On Page SEO ?

Generally, we know that the search engine is divided into two parts.

1.On-Page Optimization

2. Off-page optimization

On-page optimization, the optimization within the web page for getting good results in search engines is called on-page optimization.



By analyzing a little bit, we upload a lot of things on our webpage such as: (music, video, article, etc.), search engine optimization, and search engine optimization. All of our web pages are usually tagged with tags, backlinks, beautiful titles etc. On-page optimization is done.



Basic topics of on-page optimization

Some of the basic topics of on-page optimization, which are known to us, are the benefits of our optimization.

The topics are as follows:

1.Meta tag use

2. Use the keyword tag

3. Use Title Tag

4.ALT tag use

5.Description tags use

6.HEADER use tags

7. Promote rich content in Kee ward

8. Creating sitemaps etc.

If you know and understand the above topics, you will be able to have your on-page optimization.



On-page optimization requirements

On-page optimization is a very important topic in a website. Why the website is not able to understand why the website is not able to optimize on-page optimization, the website has lost its rank in the search engine. For this, the on-page optimization proliferation is unlimited for keeping the website’s ranking well.

What is seo ? (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is a method by which anyone can use a search engine to convey a website free to everyone. Seo SEO is a short-term search engine optimization. Increasing the use of the internet is increasing the popularity of search engine optimization (SEO) or SEO. Many are using it as a freelancing job. Besides, there is a need to increase the identity of blogs for those who manage the blog. The importance of SEO to sustain a business on the internet is immense.



The main objectives of search engine optimization include:

1. Make a site easily accessible to everyone.
2. Increase fidelity for a web site.
3. Increase the site visitor or traffic.
4. Different types of income from online works as a platform.
5. Work as a solid foundation for the exchange of information and competition.



How search engines work: Search engines have been created, to find people’s information. That’s why some search engines have made some programs so that some search engines find the best information available. Which brings some of the top sites to the front of the site by comparing some of the sites. To select the best site, they see whether the website is quality, whether the website information is suitable for everyone, how the website is popular. These show results in some more topics.



Crawling: Through web crawling When Googlebot collects a page, the links found on this page are added to its crawling list. In this way a link comes in countless times. But Googlebot dropped them
Creates a list with which to cover the entire web at the shortest possible time. This system is called deep crawling. One of the main responsibilities of Googlebots is to determine how quickly a page changes.
This is most important for keeping the Google database up to date. Googlebot brings out a revision of a page, and it is determined as to how long a time after Googlebot crawls a page. The reason that the page changes once a month is nothing but a loss of crawling time after a few hours. This crawling of updating the database is called Fresh Crawling.



Index: Google index is relatively easy to work with. Googlebot indexer gives flowers text of pages crawled. Indexes the search terms in alphabetical order. And save where no word is there. There are some changes and brought to the pages. Some punctuation marks are omitted. If there is more space than one, they are also excluded. In English, uppercase letters are replaced with lower case letters.



Google Query Processors: This is the last part. This is our search result processing. The queue processors are divided into several parts. User Interface, Query Engine, Result Format, etc. Google’s Web Page Ranking System Pagerank The page number of that page is as high as the search result. Since Googlebot is a page code and crawling with text, the user can specify the position of the search term that it will remain in the link, not in the title but in the text. Google’s search results are so advanced because of not only the results of the term based on the presence of the term.



The names of some of the famous search engines are: google, yahoo, bing, etc. On these sites, if you click on a search box by entering a word search box, links to many websites within a few seconds, which links to the desired results.

Search engine optimization is a very important thing for web developers. Quality traffic comes from the search engine on the blog as the blog ads become friendly, the reader is satisfied and benefited from the advertisements from the blogger. The process is not limited to this only. There are many more benefits available.



Search engine optimization basically happens through two steps-
1. On-page optimization
2. Off-page optimization



1) On-page optimization: The optimization that we make in blogs or web pages is called on-page optimization. On-page optimization is important in finding the right keyword and its use, using meta tags, using title tags, using description tags, creating key content rich content and XML sitemap etc.



2) Off-page optimization: Off-page optimization is a very important and permanent search engine optimization through which a site can be included in the first row of search engines in competitive ranking. Off-page optimization is usually done through improved backlink, article marketing, forum posting, etc. Off-page optimization will not only be used on a single page but will also be used on your entire blog, which means that your backlink will increase and page rank will increase.



So try the site’s containers to be a bit different from other sites. After that, add some popular key-terms to your content page according to your content.


As SEO or search engine optimization, we understand the simplest way to create a good relationship with the website with search engines. Without a search engine optimization, a website is never full, because there is no substitute for the creation of millions of sites in the first row.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites List

Higher PR Social Bookmarks Site SEO Important Role Today In social bookmarking, we can introduce our website and blog in different relevant sections to get good backlinks with a small traffic. Yes, a small traffic does not know the way you properly bookmarked. We’ll discuss how to properly bookmark this article.
What is social bookmarking?




Social bookmarking is the technique to get good backlinks, great traffic including branding, promotion and indexing facilities. If you are an SEO or digital marketing person, you must know about it.
Why use social bookmarking sites?




My previous blog post, I’ve discussed the on-page SEO checklist and once your page’s optimization ends, you should close your next step page optimization. This, you can start with social bookmarking. In the beginning, blog posts/web pages should be accompanied by the submission of social bookmark websites because it has many benefits. Bookmarking is the fastest way to post on your website or search engine blog – Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.


Websites Domain Authority Page Authority MozRank
https://www.google.com/bookmarks 100 90 6.56
https://www.reddit.com 99 96 7.22
https://www.tumblr.com 99 97 7.78
www.stumbleupon.com 98 95 7.27
https://digg.com 98 96 7.42
https://del.icio.us 97 95 7.27
https://slashdot.org 95 95 6.96
89 91 6.93
https://www.mendeley.com 89 90 6.72
https://www.diigo.com 88 90 6.48
www.instapaper.com 86 89 7.01
https://www.plurk.com 86 88 6.89
podbean.com 84 58 5.44
https://dzone.com 83 86 6.41
kinja.com 81 82 5.87
www.folkd.com 81 83 6.36
www.citeulike.org 81 84 5.96
www.pearltrees.com 79 83 7.64
https://www.fark.com 79 83 6.45
spnbabble.sitepronews.com 73 58 6.53
www.ebaumsworld.com 72 77 6.73
www.bibsonomy.org 70 75 6.07
list.ly 70 75 6.36
lockerdome.com 69 74 6.58
soup.io 66 58 4.99
www.linkagogo.com 61 66 5.13
https://youmob.com 60 59 4.73
58 66 6.23
url.org 53 61 6.12
https://start.me 53 59 5.78
www.stylehive.com 51 59 6.13
www.myhq.com 51 55 5.14
ww2.ikeepbookmarks.com/ 51 51 4.6
www.sitejot.com 50 57 5.06
ttlink.com 49 55 6.35
www.memotoo.com 49 58 5.8
www.buddymarks.com 49 52 4.55
sitebar.org 49 57 5.47
newsmeback.com 48 53 4.86
www.startaid.com 47 56 5.71
https://www.bookmarkee.com/ 47 37 3.48
www.mybookmarks.com 46 55 5.57
www.bookmax.net 46 54 4.99
www.mysitevote.com 43 50 4.44
seo.wikitechguru.com 42 38 4.58
acymca.net 42 39 3.25
www.akonter.com 41 51 5.29
www.savenkeep.com 41 47 4.39
https://addthismark.com 40 44 4.89
https://annotary.com 40 50 4.86
https://binomo.com 40 48 4.69
https://blokube.com 40 50 5.3
www.freelink.org 39 49 4.86
www.fearsteve.com 39 48 6.25
https://1look4.com 39 46 5.6
www.yemle.com 38 48 5.71
www.wirefan.com 37 46 4.71
https://www.usefulenglish.net 37 45 4.65
www.bookmarkingbase.com 36 45 5.31
www.yoomark.com 36 45 5.1
www.webseoexpertservices.com 36 42 4.66
https://bookmarkingbase.com 36 45 5.25
www.webmastershowcase.com.au 35 41 5.45
www.blogbookmark.com 35 43 4.68
www.sociopost.com 35 42 6.12
https://freeticketopen.com 35 44 4.92
https://www.indofeed.com 35 43 5.59
aperfectimage.info 34 41 4.6
https://aixindashi.org 34 42 4.66
https://www.windowly.com 34 44 4.11
socialmark.oonfun.com 34 1 0
registertovotetoday.com 32 36 5.51
www.storymint.com 31 36 5.57
independencescience.co 31 36 5.39
https://bloggalot.com 31 41 4.64
https://sfcsf.org 31 42 4.79
kizifriv.org 29 34 5.49
utoms.org 29 38 3.83
https://www.votetags.info 29 40 4.66
https://cocosislandsnews.info 28 38 4.62
www.iloggo.pl 27 39 4.06
www.whitelinks.com/ 26 22 2.82
www.asrona.net 25 30 3.32
lymelightwebs.net 25 35 3.84
https://fortunetelleroracle.com 25 36 4.64

The importance and requirements of SEO

The importance and requirements of a search engine optimization cannot be ended to speak. In other words, in order to achieve success in online blogging, marketing, business promotion and online, SEO has to be done. Without SEO, you can not achieve success in any online field. The reason for this is that everybody on the Internet is searching for all the things needed by the search engine. In particular, the use of Google search engines is so great that there is no way to succeed in Google search engine optimization. The use of the Google search engine has increased even more recently due to recent popular web browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, the default search engine for many other popular browsers is Google. So there is no substitute for a search engine to make your blog/website popular and popular with everyone.

How does SEO do?

If you think of SEO, you may know everything. There is no easy or short way to actually do SEO. SEO is a huge process that is going on in traditional variables. Most of the issues are always updated and changed. But if you know and understand the basics of SEO, then you can easily understand everything about the changes that change over time. That’s why you must learn the basics of SEO from a well-known person or organization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basic Tutorial

Search Engine Optimization is a technique or process to search for a blog/website from a search engine online or on the first page in the search results or search engine optimization. It can be a kind of systematic trick to get good results from search engines. Because of optimizing the search engine properly, there will be a large number of visitors to your blog from search engines. Because search engine optimization allows search engines to get a clear idea of your blog. So search engine optimization is very important for the website.



How Search Engines Work: Search Engines All the websites of the World Wide Web, including all the link visits to all sites, ie by crawling, save all the types of databases by indexing. Later, according to the Search Engine Search Quote, the index of the blog’s good data is gradually published in search results. In this case, as well as search engine optimization of your blog, you will see the contents of your blog as much as the search results.



How the search engine shows the top of the blog: When a visitor searches on specific topics in the search engine, the search engine shows that according to this topic, the articles with the best content in that topic show up on top of all. According to the blog and content standards, then all the blog posts are being streamlined. Using the latest Ranking Algorithm with the search engine search query to show the best results of search engines.



Search Engine Optimization Algorithm: This is a mathematical calculation indexed for getting better results for Search Queries. It is more easily said that a series of indexes to be indexed according to the ranking and values of different blogs in search results. That is, the number whose content is above its content will be above all of the search results.



Search Engine Rank: When a person searches for a search engine, the search engine shows numerous content in the search results. The search result is basically Depend-up according to the blog’s search ranking. That is, whose blog’s Ranking content is as good as the content of its blog will show above the top of the search results, and if the ranking is not good, then your content will not show on the first page of search results.



On Page SEO and Off Page SEO Key: On Page, SEO is a process for setting up a proper keyword for a blog, Setting-up Meta, Naming Pages, Page Search descriptions etc. Off Page, SEO is a popular way of sharing content links on your blog, sharing various popular sites, creating backlinks, joining in different forums, etc.
White Hat and Black Hat SEO Keys: White Hat SEO is the technique of bringing your blog’s ranking to the top of search results by applying various technical web techniques. On the other hand, Black Hat SEO is using some illegal means to break the rules of search engines and increase the rank of blogs.

How does the search engine work?

Internet users have searched their required information in a variety of ways. Someone has directly entered the address and visited his desired website. And those who do not know the addresses of specific sites, they usually search by entering keywords in search engines. Then the search engine provides different information according to its keywords. Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines are the most popular of the current time. Most Internet users depend on search engines to find the information they need. Without knowing any address through the search engine, it is very easy to find the information or website. So internet users and web developers have a lot of importance in search engines.

We used this search engine to get thousands of information needed by a single person. Ever wondered, where does this information come from or how? The answer to this question will be simple, Google provides all the information through our web browser. So the question is where does Google get all this information? Today I will show you how Google gives you this information and how to present your favorite blog in front of everyone through a search engine.

Where does it come from?

Whenever you have a file or a song on your desktop or laptop or mobile hard disk, you can get it easily, but the information you get from the Internet is not on your computer or mobile hard disk. The question is, where do they come from? Below, I’m referring you through an example.

For example, suppose your computer’s hard disk is not connected to the computer and put it somewhere else. How do you see the files or songs of that hard disk? To do this, you will need to have your hard disk connected to the Internet through special technology, namely, network server. Only then will you see those files without having to connect the hard disk to your computer. Just like every search engine has such a huge hard disk server. In which every search engine stores all the information on the Internet in those hard disks and from there it provides information according to search quarry. Now you might think another question will arise, how does the search engine collect these information?