MS Word Shortcut Key

MS Word Shortcut Key

MS Word is a word processor. It is primarily about the entry, formatting and presentation of text. Of course, sometimes text comes in tables. A word table can be very … Read more

MS Outlook Shortcut Key

Sr.No Shortcut Key Description 01 Alt + S Send the e-mail 02 Ctrl + Enter Send the e-mail you’re composing. 03 Ctrl + C Copy selected text. 04 Ctrl + … Read more

MS Powerpoint Shortcut Key

Sr.No. Shortcut Key Use of Key 01 Alt+1 Align Left 02 Alt+3 Align Right 03 Alt+2 Align Horizontal Center 04 Alt+4 Distribute Objects Horizontally 05 Alt+Shift+1 Align Top 06 Alt+Shift+2 … Read more

Adobe Acrobat Shortcut Key

Accessibility Sr.No Shortcut Key Description 01 Shift + Ctrl + 5 Change reading settings for the current document 02 Ctrl + 4 Reflow a tagged PDF, and return to unreflowed … Read more