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What is web design? How to learn?

Web Design: Web design is an external framework for a website. That is, determine how the website will look or what its normal form looks like. The main design of web designers is to create a complete website template, such… Read More

What is jQuery?

jQuery is the most popular framework of JavaScript. Different browsers execute JavaScript, use different techniques to display results in the browser. jQuery brings these capabilities to a unique format. As a result, JavaScript code can be easily written here. jQuery… Read More

What is CSS? How to use it?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language that shows how a document can be displayed or straightforward to control the style of the document. But if we want to create a good quality website, then CSS is needed. Cascading Style… Read More

Joomla content management system

At present, our daily activities on the computer are becoming Internet-based. Web applications gradually occupy the desktop application space. It is compulsory for any small business organization to become a website. Those who know the programming might be able to… Read More

HTML All Tags List

HTML syntax: The HTML tag is covered with an angle bracket (<>) There are some keywords in it. This keyword indicates how the content of the webpage should be displayed. For HTML tags, these two symbols (<>) and (</>) are… Read More