Earn money from YouTube

In the era of freelancing, online earning is less than everyone’s interest. But many people waste unnecessary time for this freelancing. Today I will discuss with you how you earn from YouTube.

Let’s create an account
First choose a nice name. So first think a name that no one has used before. Whatever name you can take on it, it may be related to cooking, games, health or anything else. But be careful once you have fixed your channel name, you can never change it. Think about it for a long time if you need it, then think about the name of your YouTube channel. But the name must give a name so that your channel name can be easily remembered. Do not use names by number even without errors. By visiting this site you can check which name you will be given. Address of the site – http://socialblade.com/youtube/namegen You can check if your name is okay? This is what the site looks like

Choose an Email We all know that for your channel, you will need an email to open an account on YouTube. And for that you must use Gmail. So first you have to open a new Gmail account. The account must be verified. And keep in mind that verification of 2 steps will be done with your account. No one else can access this account except you.

Copyright and Fair Use
Avoid Copyright When you have created your YouTube channel, you are a YouTube partner. And do not upload any video in case of a partner, in order to have a copyright. Like other songs used to copy your music, use it in your video, any other TV channel program. You can use your songs on your video by selecting songs from YouTube’s own music tracks. Never duplicate, because YouTube knows where you are using it. So be careful. Even if you upload such a video, they will warn you several times, if your number of copyrighted video uploads is high, then they will banned your account. I can suggest you http://youtube.com/aeireensultana to watch the video. From here you will know what should not be done on YouTube.

What programs and software to use
Video editor

To edit the video, you must use a good software. There are many video editing software available for free, but I will use specially to say hello. This software allows you to use both Mac and Windows. But use the software that you do not use, buy it. And editing a video is a lot easier if you can learn a lot with patience. You can also tray those other editing software. First edit the video you have made with your mobile or video camera, then upload it to YouTube.

Select the intro

You choose a nice beautiful entry for your channel. Keep in mind that many of these will depend on the entrance. You have a lot of time, slowly build your entrance. The intra time is tied 10 seconds. In this 10 seconds, you have to create a beautiful intro of your channel. Make a logo in your channel, then you will get many templates from Google to create intro; Select a template and make a 10-second intro with logo with video editing software. You can create this intro with the core software to make the video, but remember that your intro is like video format. Since you did not upload the video since then, this entry will be visible before it starts. Once you enter it, you will upload your channel’s in-video program inside-the-video program in your channel dashboard’s channel settings. After going here you will see some of these pictures, in addition Add a branding intro here you will get the intro up.

Audio Editing Tips and Tricks

Audio editing is very important for your video. And depending on the audio editing, YouTube will not allow your video to be animated. I’ll tell you some tips if you follow them properly, so hopefully you get a good result from YouTube.

A. First of all, make sure that you have no type of background noise in the audio file you create. Voice Recording – Many times the sounds of AC or Fan are heard, try to avoid these national noise.

B. A good video could be lost due to a bad audio. So try to give good audio. If necessary, make your own audio. Never use another’s audio. There are many software available online for making audio; You can use them.

C. Listen to your audio several times on your own, then if you like it then add it to your video.

Make a nice logo and a cover photo of the channel. If you’re good at the graphics design, make a beautiful logo and a cover photo of your channel. You can use Photoshop and Illustrator to create cover and logo.

Title, description and tags
Title titles, descriptions and tags are the most important part of a video. No matter what your video is, there is no value other than these three. From a few thousand videos, your video will only be seen when your video has a combination of these three. Create interesting titles by keyword research at the beginning. And to make your title, you have to do keyword research. Let’s see how to do keyword research.

Keyword Research

Method 1. You can also search on YouTube to match your desired video. For example, if your video is made by making money, then you can search on YouTube – it will be like a car. Now see what the result shows, you can buy your title from here or you can make it yourself from these titles.

Procedure – To make a little more precise, use https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner to enter this link and write your desired keyword. Search the search.

Method 3 – Enter the title you want to enter on YouTube, and see what is the first in the first place. You can create a title near it. Not just title, you can see what key tags are used in the video, and what is written in the description. If you want, you can use them in your video, but make it your own way.

B. Describe the description as if there is a title and tag presentation within your description. Do not forget to link your channel when describing. Replace your channel link in your description. The bigger the description is, the better it is for you. Add more to your videos, including Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, and more on social networking sites.

C. Tags: Make your video a lot to publish. Completing the last step is just finished. Even if you want to tag 10 to 20 tags of your video; And try the tags that your video is relayed.

Create video
Soon how do I upload videos to YouTube, know the rules for uploading. Now let’s make the video you make up.

1.Cameras and Lighting Many of us do not know very well about the use of cameras and lighting. We can take a course on camera and lighting in a short time. It will give you lots of work in the next life. There is a lot of pursuit to create a good video. And if you have a good idea about lighting then you can make a good video. So to make a good video you must keep these things in mind.

2. When encoding the video, make sure that its encoding is turned towards. Your video can not be live on YouTube if you do not select the encoding properly. If you can not do a better encoding, then the resolution of your video will be reduced so that it will be inappropriate to upload your video.

Increase your channel’s subscription
Tribute to other YouTube videos that have millions of visitors every day. Do the tuition in such a way that it will be written that you subscribe to its channel instead it will subscribe to your channel. You must add links to your other videos in the description of the videos you upload. Also request to subscribe to your viewer. If possible, ask your viewer to subscribe to the fun jokes. Many people think that there are a lot of subscribers in the channel, so many subscribers are available. This is a misconception. If you do a few show videos that are not of any work, you will never get a subscriber, but rather lose the subscription. Because no one wants to have his video filled with his Facebook account. Buy a specified day for video upload; And a certain time. Because your subscribers will keep that day in mind, and at that time you will be able to access your channel to watch your video. Whenever you upload your video by mentoring the schedule, then your video will be brought to the number one on your search results. But if you do not upload one thing in mind, then it should be useful to everyone. When your video comes in handy, you will benefit from your video. That means money will start coming from your video. One more thing to do is to increase your channel’s subscription. That is, you can communicate with other YouTube channel creators and tell them that in your video you will place their channel’s subscribe box, in return, they will place your channel’s subscribe box in their video. The two sides will benefit from this.

Secret formula
Now you will talk about a secret formula with which the formula can be used to easily increase your subscriber’s subscriber. I use this formula myself. Suppose your channel’s subscriber is 150. Now match your channel’s videos to find another channel that has a subscription of 250 to 300 people. Send him a message that you have created a video so that it is very good for what the channel is about. And subscribing to this channel, you can get a better video. Now you want to upload this video to its channel and to your channel. When you upload this video to your channel, use that link as a link, and the owner of that channel will use your link. This allows you to get a subscription of 100 to 200 subscribers from a channel minimized. So, now you have a total subscriber of 250. Now you will find 300 to 500 subscribed channels. Do the same thing here. In this way, you will find more subscribers than your subscription subscriber. As a result of this increase, one day your subscriber will surely exceed several thousand.

Increase your channel’s friends
Get all the friends invited to your channel page. Share them with them. Be friendly with them so that they subscribe to your channel. If you have a channel then you can subscribe. This will benefit both you and him, the channel subscription will increase both of them.

Tribute to another channel’s video
Tribute to video of other channels to increase the viewer’s view of your channel. Of course, do not forget to subscribe to your channel link while tuition. The more viewers of your channel video, the greater the tuement will increase as your channel subscription increases.

Video embed code
If you have many Twitter followers, or have a lot of Facebook friends, then your channel is much better. Even if you have 50 Facebook friends, good news for you. Because they are your real friend There is no profit with a fake friend. Share your video on your twitter and facebook, then you tell these 50 friends to find out a few seconds all day. They will watch your video for 30 seconds, give it a try, if possible, do one tuition. Every day you bring new videos for them. In this way, join the groups in your video related Fenbug. Share your video there. In this way add up to 10 friends to your account. Your Facebook friend’s number will exceed 5,000,000, so the viewer number of your channel’s video link will also increase. Where every day your video will have 200 views, your viewership will increase to more than 1000. You can do the same job in your Twitter account. As well as other social sites where you can share your video. If you have any of your own website then you can embed the video there. From here you get a good viewer.


Encotation is a link to your other video on your video. Do not forget to use annotations in each of your videos so that any of your viewers can know about your other videos to see your current video. When a viewer watches your video, if you click on that link, then the new window will open and you will see that video. After your video is uploaded, the video manager will get these options. From there, click on the video’s info and setting button, it will reach the annotation page. Then you can add the annotation from here.

The time of giving the video
The time elapses for your channel. Keep a note in a diary, every time you upload your videos. Never upload videos at 3pm. If possible, upload the video in the morning. Always target target audience 18+ One more thing to keep in mind is that if it is possible to put in the date of preparation of your video. On Sunday, the viewer is more than YouTube, if you want, you can upload your video keeping this day in mind.

Try to give the video before all
If you want to make your channel pop-up all the time, first of all give you the video you made. If you can, then your video will show you YouTube first in its search results.

Choose the best picture
Select a better image to draw your uploaded video to your viewer. If the cover photo of your video is not attractive, then the audience will not be able to attract, and the viewer will not grow on your channel if the audience is not attracted. So select the good picture if you want to increase the channel’s subscribers and viewers.

I believe that if you can do these things step by step, then your channel success will certainly come. Do not worry, you do not have anything to learn, so learn as much as you can, perhaps one day you might write something like YouTube with me. And enjoy working on YouTube. If you want to earn money on YouTube, forget about what you have read so far. Because of how you will enjoy others in the work you do not enjoy doing. And the biggest thing is patience … patience … and be patient.

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