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Manage Files and Projects

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl + NCreate [n]ew project using the Wizard
02Ctrl + Alt + NCreate [n]ew project, file, class, etc.
03Alt + F, then .Open project, file, etc.
04Ctrl + Shift + ROpen [R]esource (file, folder or project)
05Alt + EnterShow and access file properties
06Ctrl + S[S]ave current file
07Ctrl + Shift + S[S]ave all files
08Ctrl + WClose current file
09Ctrl + Shift + WClose all files
10F5Refresh content of selected element with local file system

 Editor Window

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01F12Jump to Editor Window
02Ctrl + Page Down / Ctrl + Page UpSwitch to next editor / switch to previous editor
03Ctrl + M[M]aximize or un-maximize current Editor Window (also works for other Windows)
04Ctrl + EShow list of open Editors. Use [arrow keys] and [enter] to switch
05Ctrl+F6/Ctrl+Shift+F6Show list of open Editors. Similar to [ctrl]+[e] but switches immediately upon release of [ctrl]
06Alt+Arrow Left/Alt+Arrow RightGo to previous / go to next Editor Window
07Alt+[-]Open Editor Window Option menu
08Ctrl+F10Show view menu (features available on left vertical bar: breakpoints, bookmarks, line numbers, ?)
09Ctrl+F10, then [n]Show or hide line [n]umbers
10Ctrl+Shift+QShow or hide the diff column on the left (indicates changes since last save)

 Navigate in Editor

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Home/EndJump to beginning / jump to end of indention. Press [home] twice to jump o beginning of line
02Ctrl+Home/EndJump to beginning / jump to end of source
03Ctrl+Arrow Right/Arrow LeftJump one word to the left / one word to the right
04Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down/ArrowUpJump to previous / jump to next method
05Ctrl+LJump to [L]ine Number. To hide/show line numbers, press [ctrl]+[F10] and select ‘Show Line Numbers’
06Ctrl+QJump to last location edited
07Ctrl+[.]/Ctrl+[,]Jump to next / jump to previous compiler syntax warning or error
08Ctrl+Shift+PWith a bracket selected: jump to the matching closing or opening bracket
09Ctrl+[[]+[]]/Ctrl+[-]Collapse / Expand current method or class
10Ctrl+[[]/[]]/Ctrl+[*]Collapse / Expand all methods or classes
11Ctrl+Arrow Down/Ctrl+Arrow UpScroll Editor without changing cursor position
12Alt+Page Up/Alt+Page DownNext Sub-Tab / Previous Sub-Tab

 Editing Source Code

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl+SpaceOpens Content Assist (e.g. show available methods or field names)
02Ctrl+1Open Quick Fix and Quick Assist
03Ctrl+Shift+InsertDeactivate or activate Smart Insert Moindention, automatic brackets, etc.)

 Code Information

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl+OShow code [o]utline / structure
02F2Open class, method, or variable information (tooltip text)
03F3Open Declaration: Jump to Declaration of selected class, method, or parameter
04F4Open Type Hierarchy window for selected item
05Ctrl+TShow / open Quick [T]ype Hierarchy for selected item
06Ctrl+Shift+TOpen Type in Hierarchy
07Ctrl+Alt+HOpen Call [H]ierarchy
08Ctrl+Shift+UFind occ[u]rrences of expression in current file
09Ctrl+move over methodOpen Declaration or Implementation


Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Alt+Shift+RRename selected element and all references
02Alt+hift+VMove selected element to other class or file (With complete method or class selected)
03Alt+Shift+CChange method signature (with method name selected)
04Alt+Shift+MExtract selection to method
05Alt+Shift+LExtract local variable: Create and assigns a variable from a selected expression
06Alt+Shift+IExtract local variable: Create and assigns a variable from a selected expression

 Run and Debug

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl+F11Save and launch application (run)
03F5Step Into function
04F6Next step (line by line)
05F7Step out
06F8Skip to next Breakpoint

 The Rest

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl+F7/Ctrl+Shift+F7Switch forward / backward between views (panels).Useful for switching back and forth between Package Explorer and Editor.
02Ctrl+F8/Ctrl+Shift+F8Switch forward / backward between perspectives
04F1Open Eclipse Help
05Shift+F10Show Context Menu [right click with mouse]

 Select Text

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow LeftExpand selection by one character to the left / to the right
02Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow LeftExpand selection to next / previous word
03Shift+Arrow Down/Arrow UpExpand selection by one line down / one line up
04Shift+End/HomeExpand selection to end / to beginning of line
05Ctrl+ASelect all
06Alt+Shift+Arrow UpExpand selection to current element (e.g. currentone-line expression or content within brackets)
07Alt+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow RightExpand selection to next / previous element
08Alt+Shift+Arrow DownReduce previously expanded selection by one step

 Edit Text

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl+C/Ctrl+X/Ctrl+VCut, copy and paste
02Ctrl+ZUndo last action
03Ctrl+YRedo last (undone) action
04Ctrl+D[D]elete Line
05Alt+Arrow Up/Arrow DownMove current line or selection up or down
06Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Up/Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Down/Duplicate current line or selection up or down
07Ctrl+DeleteDelete next word
08Ctrl+BackspaceDelete previous word
09Shift+EnterEnter line below current line
10Shift+Ctrl+EnterEnter line above current line
11InsertSwitch between insert and overwrite mode
12Shift+Ctrl+YChange selection to all lower case
13Shift+Ctrl+XChange selection to all upper case

 Search and Replace

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl+FOpen [f]ind and replace dialog
02Ctrl+K/Ctrl+Shift+KFind previous / find next o(close find window first)
03Ctrl+HSearch Workspace (Java Search, Task Search, and File Search)
04Ctrl+J/Ctrl+Shift+JIncremental search forward / backwards. Type search term after pressing [ctrl]+[j], there is now search window
05Ctrl+Shift+OOpen a resource search dialog to find any class

 Indentions and Comments

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Tab/Shift+TabIncrease / decrease indent of selected text
02Ctrl+ICorrect [i]ndention of selected text or of current line
03Ctrl+Shift+FAuto[f]ormat all code in Editor using code formatter
04Ctrl+[/]Comment / uncomment line or selection ( adds ‘//’ )
05Ctrl+Shift+[/]Add Block Comment around selection ( adds ‘/… */’ )
06Ctrl+Shift+[\]Remove Block Comment
07Alt+Shift+JAdd Element Comment ( adds ‘/** … */’)

 Team (SVN Subversive)

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl+Alt+S[S]ynchronize with Repository
04Ctrl+Alt+DUpdate to Revision
06Ctrl+Alt+TShow Properties
07Ctrl+Alt+IAdd to svn:[i]gnore
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