Facebook Live Full Guideline A to Z


Facebook has been run on Facebook to watch and show the video ‘Facebook Live’. Prior to this, Perisocco Live-Streaming on Twitter, Snapshot Video Features and Albums for YouTube Through this step, the television will become potentially competitive Internet-based media. However, many people will not be able to live video because of not knowing how to do it properly. If you know a few tactics, live video is used in just a few clicks using Facebook.

Which will be needed
Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, Web cameras, or web cameras with laptops, smartphones, iPhones, iPad, and tablets.

How to Live on Facebook
Just like the status updates on Facebook, go to the ‘post’ option as well. There will be another button next to the camera, check-in, filing / activation, tags and location buttons. This is the ‘live’ button. Click this button. Now there will be a new interface. The camera will be on. When a connection is complete, give a caption for your live video. If necessary, fix the viewers by clicking on the Privacy tab. Then click on ‘Go Live’ button.

Live broadcast on facebook
For broadcasting live video ‘Broadcast Now!’ You will not get any big options on Facebook. However, live streaming video options are available in the status icons. You can get a new icon next to the check-in icon. If you do not currently have a status, you will see a notification float above the check-in icon. Where it is written, ‘New! Record and share live video. ‘

When you are ready for live video and broadcast, select the icon and allow Facebook to access your camera and microphone. Then, when you touch the blue ‘Continuum’ button, you will be asked to describe the broadcast. You can define your video privacy on the same screen. You can also specify the option to watch the video itself.
Live streaming video can be stored with a cellphone or any camera. Whether the portrait or landscape does not contain the video, the video will always show in the square screen.

If you have a video in portrait, there will be Facebook comment option below the video. Landscape mode will have the option to comment on the right. Since you will go live, the video feed will appear in your timeline. On the broadcast screen you will see how many visitors are watching the video, how long you are recording and even live comments. Interestingly, you do not have any time limits for video capture. However, good internet connection is essential. However, staying in the WiFi range is best for you.

So far your live video streaming notifications will not be near everyone. So to send notification to everyone, you can already have a status. After the end of live video streaming, the video will display as your timeline video. If you want to watch the video later and your visitor’s visit will increase. As an additional benefit, the video will also be stored in your mobile memory. Later on you can reuse the video for any other social media or editing.

To stop live video
To stop the live video, click on the button titled ‘Pixel Boxing’ on the same page and click on the ‘gimmick’ icon from here. Then you get the title that you gave to live broadcast. Click on this title name. As a result, the live window will again appear. Click the ‘ehf dhurab’ button at the bottom of the live window, if you click here you will stop live.

Facebook Live Map

The Facebook Live option is quite popular. Facebook’s new feature ‘Facebook Live Video Map. With the help of feature, you will be able to watch live videos from anywhere in the world. Every moment someone in the world is broadcasting live video from Facebook.

Private streaming will not be able to see them.

Live videos are mostly entertaining, but most of the time, if something important happens in a distant area from the city, the news can be live until the news reached the world, the most effective way to reach the news directly to the world.

But users can get this facility only on desktops or laptops. However, people in different parts of the world must be doing public streaming. Private streaming will not be able to see them.


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