Fix AdSense Policy Violations Error ( Only 3 Steps )

Hello friends and welcome back to your own website. Today I will tell you Fix AdSense Policy Violations Error as you would know that. On which you comment a lot of people every day that Google Adsense is not being approved on our website. And the same people also comment that we get this message from Google AdSense Policy Violations On Your Site. So in this article today I will give you all the information.

And I will tell you how you can fix this problem in Google Adsense and get your website approved easily. Friends, till now I have made many of my websites approved by Google Adsense, so today I am going to tell you my experience. And I guarantee you a hundred percent that if you follow them, you will easily get approval, no one will come.

How to Fix AdSense Policy Violations Error

So let me tell you now how to Solved AdSense Policy Violations Error Solved. AdSense Policy Violations Error Solved Kaise Kare. So friends, all the results of your website are such that when there is a mistake in the article that you have put on your site, or there is some wrong traffic coming to your site. So, Adsense rejects your website.

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The problem that comes with most people is only with their contact. That is, they do not put the contact on their website properly. Because of which Google Adsense gives them the address of Policy Violations.

Friends, Policy Violations comes on most people’s websites due to three reasons, which I am going to tell you below. If you follow them properly, you will easily get AdSense approval on your website.

1. Low Value Content

Friends, the region that comes first comes low value contact. That is, the article that you are putting on your website, the article and all the things mentioned in those articles are absolutely basic information that people already know. Or in crores, that knowledge is already lying in Google. If you put an article of this way, you will never get approval on those articles.

In this, another point comes that if you go to someone else’s website and put that article, you are putting the same article in your own way, then that too in a way people are Valley convent, so you share the knowledge that you have Have to do.

2. Copyright Content 

The second reason that causes your side to be rejected is because of copyrighted content. That is, you copy the contact of someone else’s website or any other platform on your website. In which the video has been imaged or the article has been written, if you copy it, you will not get AdSense approval because of it.

Google AdSense gives approval only on unique content, that is, if you have your own contact, then only you can show Google’s ads on it.

3. Google Search Console

With friends who come to our region, due to which your site is rejected. That is, you do not submit your site correctly in Google search console. Google Adsense gives you rejections because of not putting your website in the right side.

So you have to submit your website properly in the search console. If he wants to index all the links of his website in Google, then you will get approval easily.


In this article I told you AdSense Policy Violations Error Solved If you have liked an article, then definitely share it with your friend, whoever is having this problem. If you still have any problem, you have not understood anything in the article, then you can tell us by commenting below, we should definitely help you. With this we meet in the new article till then.

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