How can I get more views on my YouTube videos?

Today this article I will tell about you How can I get more views on my YouTube videos? In the long-run, the goal of your videos is to attract organic traffic by ranking the search results for their respective keywords/topics.

From a business point of view, the benefits of video marketing cannot be easily overlooked, as any type of business – Smallcastle or LargeScale has, through video marketing, specifically, grown and thrive through YouTube marketing. 

Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing provides a unique and attractive platform for marketers to reach their audience. It is a versatile trend and is also a special new-gen medium to grow the business.

  • The average time to watch an Indian video online has increased from 67 in 2019 minutes per day to only two minutes per day in 2012. 
  • Internet video traffic is around 2019% of the entire consumer internet traffic by 80.
  • In fact, 1/3 rd of all online activity is spent watching videos.

If you are wondering why you should give a shot at YouTube marketing for your business, when the internet is a world in itself, countless other websites offer similar opportunities, it would be very useful to know that in 300 hours Every minute the video is uploaded on its handle, YouTube – a very popular site for videos, with a large red rectangular icon, retaining its reputation as being the second most popular website in the world, after only the very owner – Google, since many years. 

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The website proudly welcomes 30 million visitors on a daily basis! It is indeed a useful platform for marketing enthusiasts.

Since it has been widely accepted that businesses that have incorporated video marketing as a part of their inbound marketing strategy have shown appreciable improvement in value and business, it is as follows to promote YouTube videos It is necessary to know the right and smart way, so that the expected results are in its favor. 

It also requires knowing how to get views on YouTube. Knowing some free ways to hack YouTube views will benefit, at any time, for a businessman. YouTube view hack can be done in a completely ethical and efficient manner.

Customize your channel’s metadata

If you are new to the term, metadata is nothing, which gives viewers an insight through the video title, description, tag, etc. you added while uploading the video. In simple words, all its small data that helps to find your video. A well-crafted metadata with a good subscriber count will easily get you more views. Let us look at some of these factors in detail:

Video Title

The title is one of the major factors by which viewers decide to watch the video or not. You need to make sure that the title you give for a video describes what is in the video in a nutshell, so that you do not waste all efforts in making the video. Set a title that is clear in meaning, compelling to see, and short in measurement, preferably less than 60 characters.

It is recommended to do a good keyword research, usually to understand the keywords being inserted for the same type of video, so that your video is also displayed when the content is searched. You can also use Google’s Keyword Planner for this purpose.


Typically, on YouTube, the description box shows a few characters (about 100) in a few lines. To read further, the user has to click on the “Show more” option, which will then reveal the entire information listed. So you need to present the first few lines of your description in a very attractive way, so that the viewer knows that your video has a solution to their problem.

Once this is completed, you can place a detailed description below in a continuum, using all powerful keywords with links to your other social media accounts. This extra promotion will give an extra boost to your business.


The tag serves to associate your video with other similar videos. Be alert to use only words related to your video. Using random words for selfish gain can end the suspension of your video or your entire channel.


Categorizing your video can play a good role in how it is discovered by viewers. If you didn’t know about it yet, know that YouTube allows you to add your videos to a special category, such as travel, gaming, entertainment and more.

You can do this by uploading the video first, and then choosing an appropriate category for your video from the “Advanced Settings” option.


The thumbnail is the small image next to your video title, so another factor that plays an equivalent role to the title. Although YouTube suggests some thumbnail images, history has shown a better proportion of success for custom made thumbnails. Choose an image of good quality, resolution, and size that represents your video in one shot.

Closed Caption

This is a frequently forgotten and overlooked factor, which on the contrary gives a lot of scope for optimizing your video. Subtitles and closed captions make viewing tasks easier for viewers. But on the other hand, it gives you another opportunity to add and highlight relevant keywords. You can add these captions in any preferred language, by uploading the supported full transcript (to be timed by YouTube) or by uploading a timed subtitle file, by clicking the “YouTube Studio” option.

End screen

This will direct other videos from your channel to the viewers and encourage them to subscribe to your channel. They also help promote external links and keep the audience engaged in your content. You can find the option to add end screens to YouTube Studio.

Ended on a strong “Call to Action” (CTA)

It is a marketing term that is used for advertising and business. Using these, you can guide the viewer on what you want them to see next, ask them to subscribe, turn on the notifications and suggest another entertaining video for them. 

Optimize your video for mobile viewing

Most of the videos are watched using mobile. So optimize your videos so that they are mobile friendly in terms of screen size, clarity and quality.

Make your video as short as possible

Videos that are too long will not be liked by viewers. This happens when the video contains unnecessary content that is irrelevant to the topic or is too repetitive. According to studies, videos of 2 minutes duration have been the most viewed. Try to portray the material in a very crisp manner. Be precise, engaging and conversational. 

The Indian YouTube channel ” Sanam ” which is well known for its origin and singing of old Bollywood songs, today has a subscriber count of 6.95 million and each of their videos, which is usually 3 to 5 minutes long, easily Gets 2.4 million to 4.5 million views.

Channels such as ” 5 minute recipe ” always upload videos in the range of 6 to 10 minutes. Although the channel only has a subscriber count of 5 million, a lot of their videos manage to get views of over 100 million.

Feature videos on your YouTube page

Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube, remember to place it on the front page. When a viewer visits your channel, the latest video should be the first on display. It not only pays attention to video, but also sheds light on how your channel is organized and updated. 

Add a pop-up to your website

Using your other social media handles to promote your YouTube videos is a smart way of marketing. When people visit your website, a pop up about your YouTube video can trigger their curiosity and interest, and can help add visuals to your video. Since you are highlighting the video, it will establish the impression of your confidence and creativity.

Use social bookmarks

There are some social bookmarking websites (eg: Stumble upon ) that will help increase your views on sending your videos to them. Doing this also improves the search efficiency of your video. You can submit your own videos, but also remember to post the content of others, so that the people watching those videos can also access your profile. This too would seem like a healthy marketing strategy, rather than one where you only post your content.

Follow with viral trends

While I myself have advised you to stand out in the crowd and stay away from repeated content, making a video that follows an already existing trend can help you get ideas.

A good example for this would be the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge , an activity that required volunteers to dump a bucket of ice cold water over their head, which is an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, aka ALS or motor neuron. This was to promote awareness of the disease, which further encouraged the charity to research.

Create entertaining content that will excite your audience

In 2012, something went viral by South Korean composer PSY under the name K-pop single ” Gangnam Style “ . The song was highly praised for its superb beat and PSY’s Power Pack Dance, which became an event in itself.

The song became the first video to receive billion views on YouTube and was later recognized by Guinness World Record as the most liked video on YouTube. The influence was so much worldwide that the dance was attempted by political figures such as David Cameron, Barack Obama and Ban Ki-moon.

Once viewers find your video attractive, you will earn the idea in no time. By online word of mouth and shares, your video will be in the process of going viral. And who knows what this is for the future?

By the way, do you know which was the most viewed video on YouTube in 2007? Who wouldn’t have seen the adorable kids, Harry and Charlie, sitting comfortably in a chair in the viral video, ” Charlie cut my finger ?”

Audiences around the world added to Harry’s craze “Charlie bit me.” And really hurt. The 56-second-long video, received 2.6 million views on YouTube in early 2008, and finally captured its title as the most watched video until October 2009. The two young brothers were able to get some simple, all-worldly attention while playing with each other.

Create unique original content

Nisha Madhulika is a world renowned Indian chef who gained fame through her blog, where she wrote recipes for Indian vegetarian dishes. She then launched her YouTube channel exclusively for food and recipe in 2011, and now the channel watches more than 18 million times every month. She became YouTube Top Chef in 2014, and was also named among the “Top 10 YouTube Superstars of India” in 2016 by The Economic Times. She won the top YouTube Cooking Content Creator Award in 2017.

She has 8.2 million subscribers, 1,515 videos and 3,118,036,995 views as of today on her YouTube channel.

Another example in this case is the Indian-origin Canadian YouTuber. Lily Singh , better known by her pseudonym IISuperWomanII . She started her YouTube channel in 2010 under the name, reflecting her childhood belief that she could achieve anything.

She became popular with a touch of Punjabi culture through her comedy videos, in which she acts as herself, and her fictional parents, Paramjeet and Manjeet. 

His videos were satirical and acclaimed by fans. As of 2017, she was ranked tenth on  Forbes  ‘ list of the world’s highest-paid YouTube stars . As of today, it has a subscriber base of 14.9 million and nearly 3 billion views.

Do not underestimate the power of a common man!

Yes, that is Shahrukh Khan’s famous dialogue from Chennai Express. I have used this here to emphasize the fact that most of the world’s famous YouTubers today were just normal men and women like us when they started. It is his dedication and inspiration from his surroundings that has pushed him far beyond his career.

Ashish Chanchalani’s video “How Angry People Have to Say – Tu Meri Baap Ko Jaan Hai” went viral in December 2014. He continued to create content for YouTube as an 8 to 10 minute comedy skit. Today they have 16.2 million subscribers and a total of 1.6 billion views so far.

Show your genuine concern to satisfy your audience

Shruti Arjun Anand , an Indian, shot her first YouTube video using a point and shoot camera. She tried out some fancy hairstyles and uploaded an unedited version of the video to her channel. He learned a few softwares and improved his editing skills, after which he received good response from the audience. Her husband encouraged her to film YouTube as a full-time career. Ever since, its audience base has widened, with people who have beauty parlors to express their gratitude for their honest content. Her husband and other family members also joined, contributing to time and efforts for her full-time career.

Create an organic view traffic

To be in a healthy online business, it is of extreme importance to work within legal boundaries.

It is important to stay away from illegal means as soon as you step into YouTube marketing.

Be prepared to contribute your time and effort to the growth of your own business. Use legal methods to improve ideas. It is highly advised to abstain from using illegal means such as view bots which are against the principles of YouTube. 

There are marketing pages that promise to help you create your ideas, provided that you pay them a hefty sum; As much as $ 100 for a few thousand videos. What is the whole point there? In my opinion, don’t even consider spending money on bot ideas or proximity. They do not provide high quality traffic either. Just passive bots that YouTube has already flagged as fraud.

Technology is constantly evolving and therefore YouTube’s bot detection capabilities are getting stronger and better.

Do not try to fool the YouTube algorithm. This will not only look at the number of views your video is getting, but will also pay significant attention to user behavior. There is clear evidence of videos marked or removed by YouTube in the past. Do not manipulate any illegal crowd into emptying your pocket.

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