How do I know if someone is hacking my phone?

When your phone is hacked, there must be some unusual data access pattern for you to notice. Following are some of the signs that your device is hacked –

  1. Check list of applications in your device, if you see applications which gets installed without your approval.
  2. Check battery usage, if it is infected by malware, it will poll for multiple service and will increase the energy consumption.
  3. Check the outbox and see if your device is sending SMS without your approval.
  4. Install the packet sniffer in your Wi-Fi network and disable 3G/4G mobile data access and carry out deep inspection of the packets. See what all information is being sent out from your device.
  5. Check out the data usage and compare it with the historical record, if your phone is hacked, you will see some extra charges, primarily due to data access and service consumption.
  6. Is your devices rooted by installing some app ? if Yes then your mobile device can carryout attacks and receive instruction from attackers server. You will understand this when you inspect the data packets carefully.
  7. Is your phone or files in the phone is locked and asking for money to unlock it. If this is something that you have experienced then your device is infected by Ransomeware.
  8. If your device is not asking you to assign permissions while installing the applications.

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