How important are titles for YouTube SEO?

Titles and your YouTube video´s thumbnail are like your storefront. If people don´t like what they see they´re just NOT going to enter and check what you have to offer.

This is why it is critical to optimize, not only your videos titles but also your thumbnails. They go hand by hand.

Your titles is what get your videos shown whenever someone writes a search query on YouTube search box.

This is obviously the first step and it´s a major one.

Assuming you have optimized your entire channel as well as your video in regards to the description, tags and so on.

Optimizing your title should be your next major step on your youTube SEO priority checklist.


Here are a couple of proven psychological tips that work really well…

  • Build list type of titles – Stuff like “Top 11 ways”, “Best 11 ways to…”, “13 facts about…”, “14 stuff you didn´t knew..” and so on.
  • Always appeal to the emotional side of people. Human beings are irrational by nature so by appealing to their emotional side will come a long way for your video´s CTR. Using what are called power words will help boost your videos CTRs. Phrases like “Breakthrough study”, “Quick Tips”, “Newbie Friendly Guide”, “Expert Advise”, and so on.
  • By all mean avoid clickbaiting people into watching your videos. YouTube has been cracking down on clickbait videos and will limit the chances of your video being recommended to viewers. If YouTube notices a drop in audience retention, that is if viewers click on your video and shortly after drop off, it sends a signal that the thumbnail and/or title likely tricked people into clicking.
  • YouTube titles with 5-7 words typically get the best results. Of these, the first 3 and last 3 are the most important. So, make sure you add your keywords here.

Once you´re done with the title is time to move into optimizing your thumbnail. For this you will have to focus on…

  • Make it as custom and personal as possible. Don´t be generic, be creative and original!
  • Make sure it connects with your video content. Again DON´T CLICKBAIT PEOPLE!
  • Make it POP! Do a quick search using your main keyword and evaluate the top result´s thumbnails and make sure you DON´T copy them but instead take notes of their color palettes and layout designs and make sure you create your own. This is awesome to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase the chances of standing out!

Hope you find these tips useful…

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