How to become a Flipkart Seller

In today’s time everything is going digital. If you too are thinking of selling your goods through the Internet, Flipkart Seller is one of its best medium if you have a shop and want to increase its selling. Through Flipkart, you can sell your shop goods online and through it you can sell it and make maximum income.

Today is the time of online shopping. Everyone likes to shop online and if you also want to come into the world of online shopping and want to sell your goods through Flipkart, then you can earn money by selling your goods as a Flipkart saller.

Through this article, we will share information about how to become a Flipkart seller, how to become a Flipkart seller, in which you will know how to earn money through flipkart saller account and flipkart Read the whole last.

How to Sell on Flipkart

As you know about Flipkart, it is a very big ecommerce compony in India, from where people work to buy a lot of goods online, that is, anyone shopping online, whoever owns the shop, Flipkart their goods. You can become a saller by doing me online and by listing your shop and listing the goods, you can sell the same online through it.

How to create Flipkart seller account

To become a cellar on Flipkart, on this we have to create a cellar account, and to create a cellar account, we have to have a TAN Number i.e. Test deduction and collection account number. It should be only after these two things happen that we can make a similar sale by creating a cellar account on Flipkart.

If someone sells on the same Flipkart, then some commission will have to be paid to Flipkart as well and this commission depends on the sale of the product, the higher the price of the product, we have to pay the commission to Flipkart accordingly and the delivery charge on it i.e. Shipping charges also have to be paid.

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This shipping charge depends on the weight of the goods and it may also require different shipping charges depending on the place.

If you have registered TAN Number and GST Number, then you can create a Flipkart merchant account on Flipkart through the methods given below.

How to register a Flipkart Seller Account

  • For this, first open in your browser.
  • When it opens in the browser, then fill the phone number and email ID, then click on the option of Start selling.
  • A new window will open in it and a form has to be filled in it like setting your name email id password in it then clicking on login.
  • After doing all these, OTP will come on your mobile, that OTP has to be verified.
  • Then click on the button of the law given below, then a window will open in which to add the PIN code of your area and your address, then click submit.

As soon as you click submit, your seller account is created on Flipkart and an email will come on your email which will be a verification link.

You can verify your account by clicking on this link. As soon as you click on this link, after clicking, your Flipkart seller account will be registered.

How to put your stuff on flipkart

When the account is created then after that in flipkart we have to list our goods to sell the same.

  • To list goods in Flipkart, first login to your account.
  • Then in the page which will be opened, you have to fill whatever remaining information you have, fill your bank details and fill the information of your store.
  • After filling all the information, including the full address carefully, go to the option of add listing and add whatever product you want to sell there and it will come on Flipkart’s website.

So through this method, your shop items can be sold through Flipkart, created a Flipkart seller account. Money can be earned through Flipkart.

If you also want to earn money by selling through Flipkart, you are thinking how to sell your goods in Flipkart, then you can easily earn money by using this method.

If you have any other questions related to Flipkart, then you must share your questions through comments.



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