How to Earn Money as a Freelancer on PeoplePerHour

What is pH?

PPH is a “People Cross Hour”, a UK-based online Marketplace. Marketplaces that sell an unrivaled marketplace are similar to those that offer opportunities for outsourcing or freelancing of different types of online shopping malls.

PPH is an online freelance marketplace, it is also a business exchange, like eight marketplaces, but there are several features of PPH that are different from other marketplaces, a little different and attractive.

In another language, PPH is a Crowdsourcing platform, which means that if a business or buyer buys a particular service or work online community, auctioned by freelancers or outsourcers, without purchasing a professional office, then it can be called Crowdsource, which is a good example for PPH.

Here is the contractor who wants to work as a buyer can post that job easily, whoever outsource the work of artisans, he can also sell his skills as a cellar. At the same time, you can buy a job and display it for sale, from which thousands of buyers or clients will be able to choose the desired work.

The number of online marketplaces is increasing day by day, but many features are required to be integrated with the world. Each marketplace, such as acceptability, job opportunities, competitive balance, good governance, etc.

PPH has not started much of its journey, and in 2007, the company was founded by Genius Tricivalu and Sims Guitars, a web-based organization. The branches are in London and New York City. At this moment, there are about 2.5 million active users in PPH, of which 1 lakh eighty thousand freelancers and seventy thousand clients or buyers. The majority of clients or buyers are preferred instead of full-time professional companies, single-freelancers who have developed small enterprises. For this reason, there is plenty of demand for independent freelancers from outside the PPH company.


Features of PPH:

For many reasons, people are slightly different than other online marketplaces, one of the main reasons is the PPH user interface, very simple and straightforwardly structured, the structure or map of the site, PPH, you will work with a lot of ease, the hard work is in many parts, but the rule of rules There is no way to disobey. How to reduce the hard work? For example, calculating hours per hour, you have to install a different software in other marketplaces, to “time track” or to measure time, but this is not a problem in PPH, you can write your account directly by concluding your work and write it down to your client. , You will get the payment as many hours worked.
The most popular feature of PPH is the Awari, with a straightforward example, what is the thing, go to the fair, there are lots of stalls, attractive stalls are arranged in every stall, decorated with stalls, and now you have gone as buyers in the fair, according to your needs in a stall Choosing a particular product, in the same way, you will be able to demonstrate your skills in PPH, like yourself By making a stall, you can add stock information to it, which can be used by the buyer, and if you like it, then buy it, you will get the money at the moment, and you will start the job of buying your skills, You can showcase or show-off at the PPH in the form of an hourly sale to sell a few skills, world-class skills, Will start to fall. Around the time of the Awala, pole-drama drama-bolts and how to create a world-class aviary, you can win a thousand viewers and many buyer minds will present a whole episode in front of you in the third volume

Clients are called buyer on PPH site, and contractors or freelancers who work for them are called cellars, when the buyer and cellar themselves work with a project, then everything will happen on a specific page, payments, chatting, deposits, file sharing, Linking will happen, all will happen “Workstream”, some features including this workstream will be discussed in detail on the Fourth In the section, where everything will be displayed with you, so that you can easily understand and start using PPH, so keep an eye on yourself.

Comparison of PPH with other online marketplaces:

People have a lot of back-ends, which gives simple skill to sell, like every month when Steve Pillin features the best Awalaílite video, then some skills are very different or exceptions, as in other marketplaces, how do you ever make a monkey doll Do not listen to the promotion of skill sales that are made, but how to wear special instruments (one type of Chinese S) are made to the instance of selling skills, but there is confusion pipieice any bamdhahara skills aoyarli you can publish the form to the external object Whether any skills or computer skills to be with, of all things, their pipieice subyabastha.
There are several online marketplaces, which have a very different set of services in PPH along with services, but the difference is seen in a particular part, although PPH has its branches in different countries based in the UK, such as; “We believe our destination is the best way to make festivals on that path, PPH is our soul, our whole team, London, Reading, Sarnobar, New York, Athens, Keur, Maringa, Hyderabad and some more areas around the world!” So most of the buyers here are interested in the big projects, the other service of the same building marketplace which is given only 5 dollars is that service hour Sellers are sold at a price higher than world-class salespersons, in one word, the buyer or the seller does not have to go through “cheap three status”, naturally evaluation of work is much more than PPP in many parts of the marketplace.

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