How to Fix SSL Connection Errors on Android Phones

When you get Associate in Nursing SSL Certificate error message on your mechanical man phone there area unit many ways in which you’ll approach fixing the difficulty. We’ll list 5 attainable fixes. If one doesn’t work, strive successive. Eventually, you’ll have the matter corrected.

1.) Correct the Date and Time on your Android Device

This is an easy fix which will solve this Android error for you immediately. Just confirm your date and time are correct. to try to to this, attend “Settings” and choose “Date & Time.” From there, simply activate the choice for “automatic date & time.”

2.) Clear Browsing Data on Chrome

If the Date/Time fix didn’t work, you’ll got to clear your browsing data. this is often another simple process. Start by opening Chrome then pressing “Menu.” attend “Privacy” and choose “Settings.” Then choose “Clear Browsing Data.” Check all the boxes on the screen then hit “Clear.”

3.) Change WiFi Connection

Try changing the WiFi connection on your device if clearing data and resetting your Time/Date didn’t work. you’ll get on public WiFi which is notoriously unsecure. Find a personal WiFi connection and see if the Android error is fixed.

4.) Temporarily Disable Antivirus

If you’ve got installed an antivirus or security application on your Android phone, try temporarily disabling it then start browsing again. Sometimes these apps can interfere together with your browser during a way that causes the SSL connection to fail.

5.) Reset your Android Device

This is the nuclear option, but if all of the opposite aforementioned suggestions have did not solve the SSL Certificate error, you’ll need to reset your device. the primary step during this case is to copy your phone, lest you lose all of the items you’ve got stored thereon . then , select “Settings” then “Backup & Reset.” Then click “Factory Data Reset.”

Hopefully, this guide has shown you ways to repair SSL connection errors on Android phones, but within the event that it hasn’t we invite you to share your issue within the comments section and we’ll attempt to assist you out with it.

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