How to get 1 bitcoin fast ?

Let’s know How to get 1 bitcoin fast? Do not do it. I will tell you about Bitcoin in detail. You people will know about printed currency like Dollar, Pounds, Euro, Rupee. Maybe one of these currencies is in your pocket. So today I am going to tell you about Bitcoins very well. And I will also tell about some interesting questions related to Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin

Friends first of all know that this Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an electronic currency, a currency that you cannot touch. Can not see, you can electronically store Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a Crypto-currency payment system that does not have any Authorized Bank. Nor does the Organization control this. Therefore, the price of bitcoins keeps going up and down very fast.

If you want to check the price chart of bitcoins. So you can search on Google. And you can compare Bitcoin with the currency of all countries.

Bitcoins Mine

Bitcoins do not have any Authorized Bank or Currency Control Center. So how would bitcoins be made and who would be made. This is a very interesting thing, but it will be surprising to know you as well. The new Bitcoin is made up of a successful transaction.

For Example– Suppose if I have a bitcoin and I have to sell that bitcoin. So I will go to the Bitcoin exchange website and send a request for Bitcoin Exchange. After that, people who buy thousands of bitcoins will contact me. When I send my bitcoin to someone. So there is a need to verify that Transaction. Verify the bitcoins I send to that Buyer.

There is no Authorized Bank for expired bitcoins. Which Verify My Transaction, So Many People To Make Bitcoins Trasaction Successful. Open your own Bitcoins Verification Center. As soon as I send Bitcoin. So Bitcoin goes to these Verifaction centers first. Whichever Verifications Center solves the Bitcoin math problem first by making the transaction successful. So that Verification Center gets some bitcoins in Reward. And that’s how new bitcoins are made.

If you also want, you can open Bitcoins Verification Center. But for that you must have a very powerful GPU wall computer. There should be a powerful IC with it which can solve math problem.

The use of bitcoins

Friends, bitcoins are not used in many countries. Nor can you use bitcoins to buy all the goods. You can do bitcoins only online and at some special places. If you want to buy bitcoins. So you can buy or sell online or with the help of the app.

If you have an Android phone. So you can download the app from Play Store. And from here you can deposit bitcoins. You can get information about its price. Like – Zebpay, Unocoin

If you have any bitcoins. So you can use it only in the country given below.

  1. Australia
  2. China
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Denmark
  5. Ecuador
  6. Estonia
  7. Europian Union
  8. Finland
  9. France
  10. G7
  11. Germany
  12. Hongkong
  13. Iceland
  14. India
  15. Indonasia
  16. Israle
  17. Jordan
  18. Japan
  19. Lithuania
  20. Lexembourg
  21. Malaysia
  22. Norway
  23. Philippines
  24. Poland
  25. Rassia
  26. Singapore
  27. Slovenia
  28. Slovakia
  29. South Africa
  30. South Korea
  31. Sweden
  32. Switzerland
  33. Taiwan
  34. Thailand
  35. Turky
  36. United Kingdom
  37. United State of America

invest in bitcoin

See friends, the price of bitcoin is touching the sky every day and it is also decreasing in a few moments. In such a situation, the decision to invest in it becomes a bit difficult. Currently running more than 10K + $. And it is being estimated that in the coming time it is set to increase manifold.

My opinion will be that if it decreases to 5000 $, then you buy it and then wait for it to grow. And yes, do not be tempted too much. Anything can happen later because the Indian government has not legalized cryptocurrency yet.

Friends, Bitcoins are just like Share Market. But you can only store bitcoins online. In this case, if you have money and you invest in Share Market Money. So you can invest money in bitcoins in the same way and buy and keep bitcoins. And whenever you thought that selling bitcoins now you will get good money. So you can sell them.

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