How to improve link building campaign?

Link building campaign is basically a process of trying to increase links to your website keeping in mind an objective that you have set. Google checks the links going to your page and checks how useful and relevant the content is. Have you checked the second page of google search? Probably not. Hence the main goal is to be ranked as high as possible on the google search page. Having a strong link building campaign can certainly do that for you.

Let’s look at a few points to improve our link building campaign.

Focus on the content of quality

The audience will go and visit your page again and again only if you have relevant and interesting content. Try to use different kinds of shareable content such as videos, infographics, images, case studies, and the creation of a blog. Top-notch quality content will give you authority and goodwill in your specific domain and people will look up to your content. Try to understand your audience, find out the critical questions, and create content to give out solutions for the same.

Target relevant audience

Focus on quality rather than quantity. Always keep in mind that these reference links serve as references for your pages. These backlinks must come from relevant and authoritative sources. You do not want the wrong people to come to your website. The backlinks should not come from websites that are not connected to your field. Due to this your bounce rate will increase as people will leave the website if they do not find the content that they are looking for. You should know the people that will connect well with your brand and your goal should be able to create a relationship with them. You must also engage with potential customers in various conversations that you feel will connect well with them.

Be a participant in open conversations and answer the questions you seem that the brand is well versed with.

Do not use dead backlines

At times you have to make changes to your content, during such times people may end up clicking on the wrong link, and when that happens people may end up clicking on a link which states an error. That is not good for the brand image. Fixed the links on priority and keep in my mind that none of them leads to a page that says 404 error.

Know your starting point.

You must know the starting stages of the website. For example, is your page receiving any backlink? If yes, what is the frequency and from what kind of websites. You must also check on how you fare against your competitors in your industry. Do observe whether you are getting attention from a different industry.

Make the most of your backlinks

The situation when a reputable source link back to you, do take advantage of it. Use google alerts to keep an eye on your website – With this, you can easily figure out anyone who links back to your content or mentions your page.

You can create more opportunities by reaching out to someone who has linked back to you. This means that the person already trusts you as a brand and they have already created a bond and associated their name to yours.

Once this is achieved you can think of cross-promotion, using guest writers or think about different collaborations. You can tie up with influencers and bloggers who have expertise in your domain/industry. Due to this your audience will cater to a larger base.

Understand Search Engines

These search engines decide who reads your content and where they go. For example, Google keeps changing its algorithms frequently. And once that changes something that could change your rankings will have to make changes to your strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Always be observant about the changes that they are doing, because if you miss any you will end up staying behind in the game. Make your links keeping in mind that you have to maintain the other facets of your website too.

Hope this helps you create a successful link building campaign.

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