How To Increase Net Speed In Mobile

Our article today is on How To Increase Net Speed In Mobile. If you use the internet through WiFi , then you must have seen that often we have to face the problem of slowing down of wifi . Many times these wifi network also has the advantage of not necessarily being slow wifi network slow to the problem of. Many times , due to the setting of the mobile phone, wifi also slows down. Today we will tell you about some such setting . By fixing them, you can fast slow wifi .

How to make wifi fast?

Frequency band plays an important role in slowing or fasting wifi . Old Fone supports 2.5 ghz band for wifi while New Smart Fone works on 5 ghz frequency band . In such a way, you have to change the frequency band to auto mode . If already on auto mode then it is even better so that the phone jump will be sifted according to the spectrum band .

  • To set the frequency band to auto mode, go to Setting and open WiFi. Here three dot will appear on the right side, which is the wifi menu, click on it. After clicking, you will get the option of advance, click on it and now you have to set the wifi frequency to auto and in this way your frequency band will be on Auto mode. After which your wifi will start responding fast.

Avoid Poor Connection Setting is very kam Smartfone. If you have Avoid Poor Connection Setting in your smartfone, then you can fast wifi using this setting. By enabling the Avoid Poor Connection setting, you will prevent poor connection wifi from connecting and will be connected on the same wifi connection which will have a good connection.

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If your wifi is slow, then it may also be due to a firmware update . In such a case, you should check whether any update has come or there is no update pending. If there is any new update in the phone or there is a pending update then update it immediately. By doing this you can increase the wifi speed of your phone .

You must have seen many people use phone cover etc metal to make their phone stylish like Gold Polish Metal Cover and Silver Polish Metal Cover Etc. If you use such a cover, then there may be a wifi slow problem in your SmartFone. Using the metal cover increases the chance of getting distracted by the wifi emanating wave metal, which our wifi connection fast range can not provide. For this, you must remove the metal cover of your phone and check the wifi speed once .

You can also use the WiFi Booster app to increase the wifi speed of your android fone . In almost all such apps, a graph is shown in which you get to know the wifi range according to the graph, but where the wifi range is strong and said poor then according to this you can use wifi.

You can increase the Wifi speed of your Smartfone by using all these tips . If you like the information, then you must share this post. The share buttons are given below. You must give your friends a chance to read. If you are having problem in setting, then comment, we will definitely solve your problem.

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