How to increase youtube subscribers free

In today’s post I will highlight in front of you How to increase youtube subscribers free by reading which you will have learned how to work on youtube. So if you want to open a youtube channel then you must read this post carefully.

First of all, it is very important that your content be in Quantity with Quality. If you want, you can share your video on social media. If someone watches your video continuously, then Youtube starts suggesting videos to your channel. With which your hopes of getting Viral increases, as well as your Subscriber will also increase.

If your content is in quality then people will like to watch more of your videos. If you want, you can use Sharechat to increase views here. If your video is good then more chances of being viral live on Sharechat. With this, anyone who has seen your video will start to have your video suggestion on YouTube.


With this, whatever you put on the Content Channel, you must do Keyword Research for that. For which you can take help of Tubebuddy. If you do not check your Keyword and Tag and if you enter Keyword, then if there is more competition, then there is less chance of getting your Video Rank here. Because of which your subscriber also cannot grow.

1.Topic Planing 

If your channel is about beauty, then you only upload beauty related videos on your YouTube channel, by doing this you will get quick results and very soon your subscribers will increase.

Suppose if you make videos related to beauty tips then people who have interest in beauty will subscribe to your YouTube channel and if you then make videos related to technology then those YouTube subscribers who were interested in beauty were with them. Your technology video will be seen due to which their time will be spoiled and maybe they will unsubscribe from your channel.

So make and upload videos on the same topic on which you have the channel so that you will see the subscribers grow quickly and your YouTube channel will grow quickly.

Upload videos with planing on YouTube channel, in which time, topics, updates videos of old videos .. YouTube keeps these things in mind. You may have noticed that the popular YouTuber videos will be coming regularly and uploading 2-3 videos daily, doing this keeps the viewer interested and subscribes to the channel.

2.High Quality or Attractive Content Upload

You must have seen that there is something new in the videos of the big Youtuberas who get some new information. So you can also make something that the viewers do not subscribe without subscribing to your channel.

If you want the views on your videos to increase your subscribers, then first of all pay attention to the content of the video, you create some attractive content that will help the viewer get some help, they will get some new information to learn something and yes Do not copy others and do not upload any content.

3.Title, Description And Tag 

Title, Description And Tag These 3 things are more important in your videos, which help to reach your videos logo. Keep the title of your videos something that people can get excited to read by reading videos.

You should come to optimize the title of your video and also keep in mind that your title should be related to the content of your video or else no one will subscribe to your channel.

Description And Tag This is also necessary in the video, which helps more in reaching your video logo, which increases your views and subscribers.

4.Attractive Thumbnails

YouTube gives you the option to keep your video’s coustom Thumbnail, which you can take advantage of by making your own Thumbnail on the video more attractive.

Make Thumbnail of your video related to the content of your video and make some Thumbnail that by watching it people want to watch your video and watch the entire video, after watching the whole video your channel will not go without subscribing, so your subscribers will keep on increasing.

5. 30 se 40 Second Ki Channel Introduction Video

Make an introduction video of your channel, that is, create a teller, and tell you what information you give to your channel and whose channel is relegated to you and you give the intro to everyone so that they can identify you, if you don’t know how to make it, then there is a lot of website. With the help of this you can create Introduction Video.

Its advantage is that someone will come to your channel first of all, Introduction Video will be automatic play and will tell you about your channel and it will be nice to have both views and Subscriber.

6. Post Useful Keyword And Content:

Keyword AI is an important and impotant with the help of which you can increase your views and subscriber quickly.

If a person searches for something, then first he writes how to so that HOW TO is a Keyword, so if you have too much, then you can also use the highlighted top keyword of your videos and can help in increasing views and subscriber.

7. YouTube Channel Features Video Playlist

Adding a featured video playlist can increase Subscriber because by adding a featured video playlist, you will see that your video is watching and if you like it, it will also see more videos of your featured video playlist and if you like, then your channel will subscriber Your Subscriber is more likely to grow than you do.

8. Channel Subscriber Button

is also an impotant button that you have to apply to your videos. When Koi is watching your video, he will see Subscriber Button in the middle or in the video place where he can directly subscriber your channel with the help of which you can increase Subscriber.

9 . Channel Related Channel Subscribe or Comment:

Subscriber the related channel of the type or topic your channel is on and comment on its videos and link the dale of your videos in the comment so that if you see the comment and click your link in it and go directly to your video and your Features Video Playlist will be kept in it, then you will also see your other videos and if you like, you will also do Subscriber.

10. Share facebook whatsapp and other social site

In today’s time, be it small or big girl or boy, everyone uses facebook whatsapp, you will be able to increase the subscribers of your YouTube channel with his help.

In which you do not need to spend much hard work or expenses, only you have to share the link of the video, by doing this your video will reach the people very soon.

Just like share in facebook, share in friends family and whatsapp group in whatsapp so that people can also see your videos and help increase the subscription of your YouTube channel.

And you can also do this work by creating a facebook page, in which you create a page in facebook with the same name as your channel and whatever new videos you upload, share them on your facebook page.

If you work with all things in mind, then you will definitely move forward and get more and more views and subscriber.

Friends, these were How To Increase YouTube channel Subscriber by reading which you will have learned how to work on youtube. If you liked this article, you have got help, then share it with your friends and do vote up

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