We are moving forward with the world. Most of us are now dependent on the Internet. Banking, shopping, entertainment etc. Science has made it easier to make our daily lives easier. What was scared? No, I’m not writing for fear, if you do online transactions, but do not know the rules of the transaction then who’s the loss? We are not familiar with the card before writing the original.

Card is basically two types Credit card and debit card
Credit card: The credit card is the bank that will lend you money on a certain amount. You can use that money. After that you have to pay.

Debit Card: Debit Card is the money you will use in any bank you use. It can be compared to your wallet. When you order a shopping site, or at a restaurant, you will be asked for some information to pay at that site / restaurant. Some shopping / restaurant sites may ask for some kind of information. Below is a list of those who can ask-
Card Number
On a card, you can see only the user’s name on First, last name, Issue Date, Expiry Date, Card Number, CCv2.

Verify that you are the real user of this card, with information that is not on the card! Your home address will not be written to the card, but your shopping card may be verified if your card is yours! Thus it is verified. There are many ways to hack credit / debit cards. It is possible to decrypt and collect encrypted data with session hijacking and packet sniffing. Another possible method is Sql Injection. The easiest and fastest way is spamming.
Spamming is actually phishing.

I will not say anything about Session Hijacking and Packet Sniffing!
Oh, another way is that Social Engineering It does not matter to those who are credit card hackers in this field.

Social Engineering: Those professional Social Engineers, they will be able to co-operate with the telephone number of the exact bank. You think your bank has made you lol. Cole will tell you that I am the security analyst of such a bank, we are increasing our bank’s security. You need some details to increase your security. Then you will think, what is bad, give all the information. Be careful! No bank can take confidential information to their clients via phone, can not take it! This is not their rule! You can ask me how you will call me at the bank number.

Yes! There are many ways to call the bank number. One of the numbers what may be the number is the number or caller ID hiding. With Android phone, it is now easy to hide caller ID. Emails like call hides can be mailed to you from your bank’s security team’s email address, just like Facebook / Google. You have fallen into this trap as simple, after seeing that millions of rupees are missing.

SQL Injection: SQL Injection is the most popular hacking method of hackers. A lot can be done in this way! However, many of those sites that you are shopping from are SQL Vulnerable. When you input your Confidential information to the site, then that information stays in the database on that site. And any Hacker can retrieve those information from the database of those sites with your expertise, so do not give your information on any site carefully.

Spamming: The most easy means of hacking the spamming card. I will not tell how this is how I can say how to survive it. If you have received a step by step Paypal or your bank, update the information or some step to update the system. You update your information. Write down a button with “UPDATE”.

When you get mail from PayPal CEO, I thought I would update. If you know about phishing, think of a little URL. You see, exactly this is coming from Paypal, you have made a mistake in this time. You trapped the hacker.

If you want to update your information by paypal, they will update their email if they will not be able to update from your email. It’s not just the case of paypal, you can take it for any site. I gave an example with paypal.

Since technology is improving every day, what I am saying today is that it may not be used in the day or may not be that thread. But the biggest thing is, keep yourself safe. You’re also off-line with technology.