How to make Anchor Tag Html Backlinks?

Hello Friends, I am going to tell you today that Anchor Tag Html Backlinks, do you know what Anchor Tag is, how to use Anchor tag in HTML, our post today is for those brothers who blogging, and me It is also known that whoever is blogging, they keep creating backlinks of their website all the days, but do you know if the backlinks you create on any site are Spam Backlinks, then let me tell you How to do an Anchor tag Backlinks

What is Anchor Tag?

HTML Anchor Tag is an HTML program made from Java Coding, but it is very amazing, with the help of this Coding you can convert any Url to Anchor tag, that is, if you create Commenting Backlinks on any website, then you can direct your website. If you give a link, the backlinks done in this way are called Spam Backlinks, so I will ask you to make Backlinks on another website using the Anchor tag HTML itself.

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So let’s know how you will target your website’s Url with the help of Javascript anchor tag so that you will be able to create your website’s backlinks on any site.

How to Find Website Url in Anchor A Tag

How to find Website Url in Anchor A Tag, for this, you have to go to the official website of w3schools, where you will get to see some such interface, below you can see Screenshot.

How to make Anchor Tag Html Backlinks? 2
Anchor Tag Html Backlinks Kaise Banaye

You can see in the image above where I have made a circle For Example: <a href=””>Google!</a> ! You can find this code for backlinks, whatever else The HTML code is there, let it be like this, we don’t have any work on it, now Samaj talked about where I have written www.Google.Com where you have the home page URL of your blog website or the URL of your blog post Ad to and where Google has written, you can give whatever title you want to your site.

After this, in Screenshot, you must have seen the button of Run click on there, then you will get to see live as if I have kept the title Google, then you can see in the image.
Now you are ready to do backlinks, but on whatever website you do backlinks, you must write a little bit about that website according to you, after that you paste the Anchor A Tag HTML Code above where you feel good too. And comment, this will make your backlinks look very good.

Friends, in today’s post, that’s all, a request to all of you that you must comment about this post and share this article with your friends.

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