How To Record Whatsapp Calls ?

How to record WhatsApp calls Voice calling on WhatsApp has become common. A large number of people interact with WhatsApp calls. Many times during a call, it needs to be recorded when necessary conversations occur, but there is no facility to record calls on WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp calls can also be recorded by applying some tricks. Here we are telling you such a trick, by which you can also record calls made on WhatsApp.

How to record WhatsApp calls on Android ?

  • Install Cube Call Recorder from Google Play Store in the phone where WhatsApp uses .
  • Open the Cube Call Recorder and switch to WhatsApp.
  • Now call anyone you want to talk to on WhatsApp.
  • You will see the cube call widget as soon as the call starts.
  • Click on the widget and call recording will begin.
  • If the widget is not visible during the call, the cube call recorder does not support in your phone. 

How to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone ?

  • Connect iPhone to MacBook via Lightning cable.
  • If you are connecting iPhone and MacBook for the first time, then select ‘Trust this computer’ on your iPhone.
  • After connecting, click QuickTime on the MacBook.
  • After that go to the file section and choose the option of new audio recording.
  • In Quicktime, click the arrow that appears below the record button and select iPhone.
  • Click the Record button in QuickTime before calling WhatsApp to someone.
  • Now the recording will start as soon as you place a call.
  • After finishing the call, stop recording in QuickTime and save the file in MacBook

Will not work in all devices,
please tell that this trick will not work in all devices of iPhone or Android. In some special devices, you can record WhatsApp calls by adopting this trick. It is better to take someone’s permission before recording someone’s call. Also, make sure that where you are recording WhatsApp calls, it is valid to record calls.

You can record in another phone, you can record
calls made on WhatsApp in a more easy way, which will require another phone or recording device. Call WhatsApp and turn that phone into speaker mode. After this, start recording in another phone or recording device. Now whatever you talk on WhatsApp call in speaker mode, it will be recorded.

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