Microsoft Edge Shortcut Key

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl + DAdd current site to favorites or reading list
02Ctrl + EOpen a search query in the address bar
03Ctrl + FFind on page
04Ctrl + HOpen history pane
05Ctrl + IOpen favorites pane
06Ctrl + JOpen downloads pane
07Ctrl + KDuplicate tab
08Ctrl + L or F4 or Alt + DSelect the address bar
09Ctrl + NOpen a new window
10Ctrl + PPrint the current page
11Ctrl + R or F5Refresh the page
12Ctrl + TOpen a new tab
13Ctrl + WClose current tab
14Ctrl + Shift + POpen a new InPrivate Browsing window
15Ctrl + Shift + REnter reading view
16Ctrl +1, 2, 3,…, 8Switch to a specific tab number
17Ctrl + 9Switch to the last tab
18Ctrl + plus (+)Zoom in (25%)
19Ctrl + minus (-)Zoom out (25%)
20Ctrl + 0Reset zoom level
21Backspace or Alt + Left arrowGo back
22Alt + Right arrowGo forward
23EscStop loading the page
24Ctrl + clickOpen link in a new tab
25Ctrl + TabSwitch to the next tab
26Ctrl + Shift + TabSwitch to the previous tab
27Ctrl + Shift + clickOpen link in a new tab and switch to the tab
28Alt + Shift + clickOpen link in a new window

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