Netbeans Shortcut Key

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl+F3Search word at insert point
02F3/Shift+F3Find next/previous in file
03Ctrl+F/HFind/Replace in file
04Alt+F7Find usages
05Ctrl+Shift+F/HFind/replace in projects
06Alt+Shift+UFind usages results
07Alt+Shift+HTurn off search result highlights
09Ctrl+U, then U
10Convert selection to uppercase
11Ctrl+U, then LConvert selection to lowercase
12Ctrl+U, then SToggle case of selection
13Ctrl+Shift+VPaste formatted
14Ctrl+Shift+DShow Clipboard History
15Ctrl+IJump to quick search field
16Alt+Shift+LCopy file path

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