One of the reasons for not getting the job done by bid online


Newcomers may be making applications in the freelance marketplace but they are not getting any response. Why are not many people questioning? I’m so new !!! Surprisingly, the survey found that fewer people have more power to work than older ones. Let’s take a look at the possible reason why you are not getting the job,

1. One of the reasons for not working is to read details of what to do when applying for job applications! That’s why many applications fall short of the application, the client did not even take it to understand that the application has made you understand.
2. Sometimes, there are some keywords in Job Detection that are mentioned in the cover letter. Job Detail does not read well, so he does not mention the keyword. Because of which the client does not reply even after viewing.
3. Many people use the same cover letter repeatedly, which may be irrelevant for certain jobs. So, write the cover letter in conjunction with the job.
4. Sometimes the buyer can tell the job to attach the samples or portfolios of any previous work. In that case, the cover letter is to attach the file. But refrain from giving the original files. And arrange the portfolio in advance. Because portfolios play a very good role in getting jobs.
5. Reducing Job Rate Bid?
Well, take the shop to buy a water bottle of water; The shopkeeper’s price was 15 taka Going to another store, it was 10 rupees. You already know Mam water market price of Tk 15 Now, if you think of quality then buy?
6. Many people do not care about spellings while writing cover letters. This is one of the reasons why it does not work.
Did you know these things before?
Or is there anything else to do with it that plays a big role in not working?


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