Payrchat is a Social Networking Platform

PayrChat is a Social Networking Platform. With our new feature,user can posts, photos, make to new.

what is payrchat ?

payrchat is a part of social media. For example: like Facebook. We use Facebook all the time. We can use it just like Facebook. payrchat made our own country. Its journey began in 2009.

What are the benefits of using payrchat?

Of course there are benefits. We spend a lot of time on Faceook every day. But it goes without saying that we have no benefit. Because we are wasting that time and wasting megabytes with it. We have no profit. Thinking about this, payrchat is giving the benefit of income.

How to make income?

There are basically 4 ways to earn points.

  • If you comment on the post 2
  • If you give a new post 5
  • If you react to the post 1
  • 30% on their income if someone joins your referral

How to create an account on Payrchat

Dear Readers, We have already learned through a few posts that some simple things like Payrchat can be earned by commenting like. Besides, you have also got the join link, but many people are having problems with how to complete the next steps properly after clicking on the link. So write this post for them. Here you will see step by step how to do account with screenshot. So friends let’s get started.

Read More:

Dear friends, if you have not read the previous posts about earning by working on Payrchat, I request you to read them from the link mentioned at the end of this post so that you will be aware of how to make income by working on Payrchat.

Follow these steps to create an account on Payrchat.

1. First click on this link. Then a page like the one shown below will appear. In the Personal account type, click Continue.

2. Then there will be an interface like the one shown in the image. Click on the Next button with your First Name, Last Name and E-mail address.

3. Then you will see another interface will appear there click on the Next button with your profile picture.

4. After clicking on the Next button, you will see another interface like the one shown below. Provide at least eight passwords and mobile numbers. Then click on the Next button.

Like Comment Income

Then you will get points by liking the post. You can earn the same number of points by commenting with him. It feels easier than this and you will not find it in the world. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. As a result of your use, they are in the top ranking all over the world today.

Referral income

Being connected to your friends or relatives on social media has become a part of daily life. So on this site you can earn thousands of rupees by inviting your friends and relatives. You will get 0.5 (40 rupees) per referral from this site.

Source of income

Wondering how these sites pay for their source of income? These sites have normal Google AdSense and pay you from the ad revenue displayed through this Google AdSense. They also run some shops as well so they use this platform to get some traffic there. They also benefit from it.

Income by investing

And you can be a partner in this profit if you want. Yes, you are right. By investing only 1 dollar in this site, you can make a profit from this online income. In that case, there are some monthly and bi-monthly plans. The more days you take the package, the higher the percentage of profit.

Most of the online income platforms shut down during the coronation period. Now slowly everything has started to open again. This site is similar, but if someone used to have an account on this site, it is now invalid. So make a new account again.

Then provide all your information like accounting on social media. Business will become your account very easily.

Payment method

the question that always comes to your mind is that the answer to the question is the payment method. In fact, this is a big obstacle in earning money online. However, working on this site, you do not have to accept that obstacle. Because you can withdraw money in any Bangladeshi payment method such as cash, bKash, Rocket or bank account. PayPal PTM can also be withdrawn.


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