Reasons to Do MBBS in Kazakhstan

If you are an Indian student and looking for a university offering MBBS; Kazakhstan can be one of the countries to offer you the degree of MBBS. The medical universities of the country are appreciated all over the world. They follow the very high-quality methodology of training the students. The country has set a benchmark for our medical training standards. All the major universities offering MBBS in Kazakhstan have recognized by MCI, GMC, IMED, USMLE, and WHO. Kazakhstan is a country that is considered the original heart of the Central Asian region. It has high value and various advantages.

Duration of the Course

The duration of MBBS in Kazakhstan is 5 years. It means you need to complete your internship along with five years, of course completion in Kazakhstan only. It is especially beneficial because many universities in the world provide the opportunity for the students to complete their internship from their home country or any other country. This might create problems for them because the professors are different and they are not aware of the manners of teaching at the University of Kazakhstan. When the students who have completed their degree from the Medical University of Kazakhstan and pursue their internship from one of the hospitals affiliated with it, they will be under the supervision of the same professors who have taught them. This will boost a better understanding.

Superb Accommodation

The universities in Kazakhstan provide excellent facilities for the students who come from the international background along with the mess. There are different kinds of international cuisines available for the students of international background. Special care is taken for the Indian students in terms of Indian cuisines.

World Class Education

Getting the students enrolled in the universities of Kazakhstan get world-class benefits along with all the latest facilities for taking medical education at its best. The universities provide them all the modern equipment for getting training on treating different types of diseases.

Cooperative Society

The society of Kazakhstan is highly acceptable for the international crowd. The people are Cooperative and even if the students do not want to live in the accommodation provided by the University, they can find accommodation in other areas of the country easily. There are PGs available for the students, hostels present for along with a good mess offering Indian food items.

Friendly Atmosphere

The students from different countries who are going to the universities of Kazakhstan feel very comfortable because of the other students who study in their classes along with the juniors and seniors. They not only cooperate with them to develop good quality friendships and help them in times of need. This helps in developing the international level of contacts and the students can have a very good network all over the world that will be helpful later in life for various professional or personal purposes. If you have finally made up your mind to go for MBBS in abroad, Kazakhstan can be one of the best countries.


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