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What is the most amazing gadgets ever?

I have to say, there is a kitchen gadget for just about everyone! Whether you’re a professional chef or just an occasional cook, there...

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Twitter Shortcut Key

Actions Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription01nNew tweet02fFavorite03rReply04rRetweet05mDirect message06uMute user07bBlock user08EnterOpen Tweet details09lClose all open Tweets10oExpand photo11/Search12Ctrl+EnterSend Tweet  Navigation Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription01?Open shortcuts menu02jNext Tweet03kPrevious Tweet04SpacePage down05Load new Tweets  Timelines Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription01g then hg...

Eclipse Shortcut Key

Manage Files and Projects Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription01Ctrl + NCreate ew project using the Wizard02Ctrl + Alt + NCreate ew project, file, class, etc.03Alt + F, then...