The best Android apps download and review 2019

If you have ever attended a UX/UI/Digital/Visual/Product Designer interview, you might have encountered this question:

What is your favourite app?

It used to be a very tough question for me. I still remember the first time I have been asked this question, I felt like I was baked inside the oven…Then I rigidly pull my smart phone out, swiping the screens with trembling fingers, and finally pointed to the default music player on my phone…An app doesn’t necessarily to be a mobile app, but when you are in an interview, it is way easier to explain while showing it on your phone.

To be honest, I was not an active mobile user because of its small screen and keyboard. I’m that kind of person who will type a message on laptop, send it to my phone, then copy and paste to reply a friend…I firmly believed that mobile is mainly for keeping in touch with people, and consuming content. So it was not surprising that this question was such a tough one for me.

Even now, I’m still not a big fan of it. But I understand that it has become an essential part in my everyday. With the development of technology, there are more and more possibilities for mobile . There is not doubt that mobile has been far beyond keeping in touch and consuming content, people can shop online, create stories, finish a work-related email…on a mobile phone. And the biggest advantage of a mobile phone, is its size. Easy to carry with when traveling around the world!

I’m going to share 5 of my favourite apps here!

1. Meetup

The best Android apps download and review 2019 1

I talked about net-working in this previous post, as I shared before, I used to be afraid of talking with strangers, let alone joining a net-working event. But what really helps me out is Meetup.

You can find all kind of categories on meetup, from politics to pop music, from peanut butter to JavaScript…The diversity of culture and value is what I like about meetup the most. You can always find the community you belong to there, and meet people who share the same interest as you.

2. Pocket

The best Android apps download and review 2019 2

When you come across an interesting link, but you are busy with something else…Pocket is for this kind of situation!

You can save links from laptop/tablet/mobile and read it later! The cool thing is that it will save the pure content of the link(get rid of the formatting and just keep the image and text)so you can read them on your phone offline! (Extremely helpful for me as there is no signal in the subway in Toronto lol)

Another nice feature is that you can save the links inside the text to pocket as well 😀

3. Slack

The best Android apps download and review 2019 3

Besides the delightful visual design, I like Slack because it really provides the possibility for you to manage all kinds of messages in one place. You can have multiple channels, direct messages, group messages in one team, and you can also login withe different email address and manage all the different teams in one place!

All kinds of integrations and powerful search function also allow you to effectively catch the useful information in time.

4. Yelp

The best Android apps download and review 2019 4

Finding a good restaurant is not an easy thing, especially there are more then 5 Japanese cuisine in the same street and you have no idea which one will be the best. Plus, you don’t want to go into a restaurant and start thinking about the your poor wallet after seeing the crazy numbers on the menu…Yelp is a perfect app to solve all this kind of problems!

One of my favourite features is that Yelp put all the information you need in one place, brief intro, location, menu, price, review…You can easily have a glance and decide whether to go in a min. Also, Yelp has a big and trustful community, you can see the real and detailed review and have a closer look at the place further — the service, environment, even some interesting stories about the brand!

5. Bili Bili

The best Android apps download and review 2019 5

I put this at last because it is a niche product in China not because it is less important. Bilibili is a video-sharing platform similar as youtube, but it focus more on sub-culture like animation, manga, gaming fandom as well as some other recreations. Many people believed it is a copy of Japanese video-sharing channel niconico because of the same naming structure, similar content and the most featuring dynamic subtitles(submit, view, and add commentary subtitles).

However, the bilibili now already walked out of the shadow and it has a completely different feeling and I believe its design is clean, user-friendly and nice!

What I really like about bilibili is that it offers a niche community of sub-culture, so people who are like me can find a sense of belonging. I also love the way people interact with the video with the commentary subtitles, it is a more vivid and engaging interactive experience then the traditional comments beneath. Sometimes people will watch the video twice: with those commentary subtitles and without. People sharing their emotions, comments, and even start a story in the comments, which is quite interesting to see.

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