The Best Sad Anime Film That Makes You Cry Worldwide

Who doesn’t like sad drama? This can be a perfect list for those of you who like sad drama. To make all of you shed tears, here are 6 of the Best Sad Anime Movies to Make You Cry All Over the World by Artikel Menarik.

Here are our favorite choices for the sad anime genre. Everything has a tragic and sad ending. There are also several spoilers in this summary. We warn!

If you don’t want spoilers, please stop reading from now on. Well, here is a summary of the 6 best sad anime films according to Raja Tahu in the following interesting article.

1. Anohana

Jintan’s childhood friend, Menma died many years ago, and both Jintan and his circle of friends at the time. Now it has disbanded and secretly blames itself for what has happened. Now Menma’s ghost has returned to Jintan’s life. A ghost that only he could see, and whose presence demanded that he rebuild his old friend. As well as putting his enthusiasm to rest once and for all.

What began as a silly comedy about the mechanism of having a ghost as a girlfriend. Turned 180 degrees into a story made to break the hearts of the audience.

After being released in 2011, the 11 episode series was followed by film adaptations in 2013 and the live-action television series in 2015. All of which became favorites of anime fans.

2. Clannad: After Story (Sad Anime Film)

Tomoya and Nagisa are married and have a daughter named Ushio.

But when tragedy struck, Tomoya entered a period of deep depression that led to strained relations with his family.

3. 5 Centimeters Per Second

Cherry blossoms fall about five centimeters per second and in this film, it is used as a way to awaken the subtle distances that appear between people who think they are close.

This one-hour animation by director Makoto Shinkai interweaves three stories about love and loss in the modern world.

Paired with Shinkai’s beautiful images and heart-wrenching tales, the tragedy was not entirely sad.

4. Angel Beats

This sad anime shows the afterlife of Otanashi, a boy who lost his memory after death.

After registering at school after death, he met with Yuri. A girl who made him join the Afterlife Battlefront to fight crime. He finally falls in love with Kanade, the girl he is fighting with.

In the end, tears ran down our eyes when Kanade didn’t reply to Otanashi’s feelings for him and just walked away.

5. Berserk

One of the bleakest and most effective anime titles ever realized. And even more heartbreaking for that is – “Berserk” was adapted from the same grim and strong manga series.

In it, a swordsman named Guts joins a mercenary known as the Hawks. Under the command of a charismatic and ambitious young man named Griffith who would do anything to achieve his dream. He created his own kingdom – even if it meant making a Faustian agreement with the underworld. Which then sacrifices his own friends in the process.

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