The Best WhatsApp Tips And Tricks For 2020

The number of WhatsApp users is increasing. Voice calls can now be made through the Instand Messaging platform. Over 5 million people are using this app owned by Facebook. So you need to know how to use it.

Here are five great WhatsApp strategies.

1. If you change the smartphone, you will be able to take the chatting history of the previous phone to the new phone. If you use a microSD card, take it to the chat history card. To do this, go to Menu> Settings> Chat settings> Backup conversion process. Restore this card by placing it on a new phone.

2. If you don’t want others to know when you were last on WhatsApp, go to Settings. From there, go to Account Privacy and turn it off.

3. Check if the chat window was blue in order to see when your message message was last seen. If you see the blue is seen.

4. WhatsApp cannot be locked without jailbreaking in iOS operating system. However, you can lock the chat with zip code on Android. You can use Messenger and Chat blocks, App Lock or Smart Apple Apps for this.

5. If you have a Chrome browser on your computer, WhatsApp can access it on the web. For this, go to the web of the app from the browser and scan the QR code from the menu. You can chat on the same mobile phone.

6. WhatsApp users may not want to see all the pictures in the gallery. To turn it off, go to Settings> Privacy> Photos. WhatsApp off from there.

7. Some group conversions became very painful. If you use the iPhone, go to the Group Chap option and go to the Group Info screen. Tap the mute button there. Open chat on Android and mute. You can uncheck the show notification there.

8. The best way to recover a deleted message is to delete WhatsApp and reinstall it. At this time, you will be asked whether you can restore the message. Restore deleted message will be returned.

9. You can create shortcuts for daily chat only on Android. Hold down the questionnaire button in the chat. Then select the ad conversion shortcut.

10. You can send a large message to someone in person. You can get private messages from the New Broadcast option from the menu on Android. And tap Broadcast Lists on the chats screen on iOS. Then tap the new list and select the one you want to send.

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