This site makes 2 hours of work in 2 seconds –

I was surfing the web few weeks ago and finding a good background removal application. And suddenly this hits my eyeballs.

You may think what’s that, an another boring stupid image or video editor. No man! This is not like that bundles of applications. This drives me crazy!

This name is a popular background removal website. Wait! What’s crazy in that, you may think. Dude! just wait. This is AI powered.

Upload photo or video. –> Download you background removed picture or videos in HD.

Seems great right.

Let’s see how it’s interface looks like and why I am crazy about it!

Head over to any search engine and type remove bg or any thing related to it, this website will surely come up –

Click and you are in, now you will se a button “upload” maybe something related to it tough. Headover and upload any pic you want it to remove background.

upload here

here I am uploading this one and hitting upload. This pic I am using is just a testing Image.

Bhargav karlapud's art

And you may upload any kind of image or video.

I will prefer you to upload a good quality picture and video.

Then it may take few seconds. In my case it took only couple of seconds.

It is an AI machine so there could be an error but not that much. Atleast not in my case.


Now see the crazy results. Aren’t they amazing!

Thats why I told you, this is crazy. Easy and effective. Way better that traditional pic editing.

See the results and you can download hd also if you press below there.


You can even check to remove a videos background.

I would prefer this because I used to remove background for my Instagram. And it used to took hours and hours of work but still not perfect.

So, now something is hitting me that time. Maybe you also get, that is what if it doesn’t do it right and remove a part which I wanted.

Here is the key! You can edit it before downloading. Its always better to edit few then the whole.

Edit pic

I hope you understand the website which is a game changer for many people’s like me.

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Once again thanks a lot for reading.

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