If you are thinking of creating a new blogger in Blogger, then first of all, a good Blogger Templates will surely survive. The theme of any blogger blog is well coded, responsive, light, fast and SEO optimized, that blogger theme or template can be called good or good in all respects.

However, if the theme of your blog is too heavy, slow or not well coded, then getting free traffic and visitors from Google in the future will be a lot of trouble for you.

Because, if the theme used on the blog is not heavy and well-coded, the loading speed of your website or blog will be very slow.

In this, when visitors come to your blog, it will take a long time to open the webpage of your blog in their internet browser.

As a result, disappointingly valuable traffic or visitors to your blog will leave your blog within a few seconds.

Moreover, Google Search’s algorithm slow loading website is not good at all. And, you lose the chance of getting free visitors or traffic from Google search.

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So friends, before using any theme or template on your blogger blog, you have to take care of how well that theme is coded, how light and how fast it will load.

So, looking at these important things, the fast loading of the blog, SEO and the coding quality of the theme, in this article I will tell you about the best blogger themes.

You can easily download these free themes for the Blogger blog.

I will not give you a download link of all the themes here.

However, by searching Google by the name of the theme you will find many websites to download the themes.

The best free theme for Blogger

If you are thinking of creating a personal blog, tutorial blog, news blog or straightforward article base blog, then a news and magazine theme or personal blogging theme would be best for you.

Moreover, the themes or templates below will make your blog very attractive and beautiful.

Because, these blogger themes are created by two and a half developers who create premium looking blogger templates absolutely free.

These, most of the BlogSpot templates, are inspired by some of the “premium WordPress themes” that will make your blog look modern and professional.

So, below, we know the names of the 10 best magazine and news themes for bloggers and some personal blogging themes.

The Blanterde AMP Blogger Template

Top 10 Free Responsive & SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2020 1

Blanterde AMP Blogger Template is perfect For Personal Sites, Modern and fully responsive (try resizing your browser), And AMP Ready, 2 Columns on Homepage, 1 Column on Page and Static Page, Customize AMP Sidebar, Share Button and more.


Top 10 Free Responsive & SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2020 2

Noname AMP blogger template is developed by Bung Frangki. This template is built and configured for SEO and mobile friendly as well. It covers features like Auto resize thumbnail image, cross-browser compatibility, build with CSS3, responsive ads slot, support SSL/HTTPS etc.


Top 10 Free Responsive & SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2020 3

AMPNews blogger template is a responsive theme. It is free and cool blogger template. Perfect for the magazine, news, blog websites. It covers features like SEO friendly, supports Disqus comments, drop-down menus, navigation menus, mobile-friendly, responsive etc.


Top 10 Free Responsive & SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2020 4

Goo amp blogger templates is an amp template with a present-day style, this template is ideal for the blog, review, and private niche blogs. with a view that has accompanied the cloth, mobile-friendly layout templates seem elegant and fast loading, and free.

Semi AMP

Top 10 Free Responsive & SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2020 5

Semi AMP – A SEO friendly blogger template and responsive has a mobile-friendly design, ad ready, popular post & related post widget, social share icons, responsive menu. Semi AMP blogger template is made especially for the news blog, photo/video gallery blog, gallery blog etc.


Top 10 Free Responsive & SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2020 6

Hiero AMP blogger template was originally adopted from the WordPress. It covers features like responsive layout, post thumbnails support, threaded comments, 100% mobile-friendly, thumbnails for related posts, header ad banner area etc.


Top 10 Free Responsive & SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2020 7

TheAMP is a blogger template which looks clean, elegant and personal Template. Recently, this is the most used AMP blogger template on the internet. It is a very fast loading, Adsense ready, highly SEO optimized, and feature rich AMP blogger template. It covers features like the Disqus comment system, social buttons, and popular post widgets etc.

Mag One

Top 10 Free Responsive & SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2020 8

Magone AMP Blogger template is developed by huge people. It covers features like SEO friendly, clean, simple, breadcrumb etc. and it is a flexible and responsive magazine template for Blogger or Blogspot websites.


Top 10 Free Responsive & SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2020 9

The infiniteamp blogger themes are created by Arlina, a blogger master. It is one of the best SEO Optimized APM blogger templates. And it is a widely distributed premium theme. It covers features like as SEO Friendly, an elegant Look, ultra responsive, dynamic heading, footer menu etc.


Top 10 Free Responsive & SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2020 10

Maknyus AMP blogger template is developed by Raden Gino. This template has simple two column design, quick and responsive, organized layout, bright color. It covers features like fast loading, browser compatibility, social sharing and SEO friendly web design etc.


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