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I would say this year is Glorious and Successful year for film industry of Tamil Nadu, Kollywood gave the best of all in this year irrespective of genre ranging from Comedy, Socio-economic oriented,Horror,Drama,Action and Thrillers. 

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Story of Newly joined IT employee and Guy who loses his job due to rudeness, and all about the people dependants of IT. The story of one day revolves around these IT dependants and how well this Huge Managaram(City) aids and helps these people.

2.8 Thottakal

A story of Police cop missing his loaded pistol which went in hands of killing spree.

3.Bahubali 2

This movie needed no synopsis as it’s flamboyance movie of this year,though this has origin in Telugu. It’s box office collection was not lesser than its own Language collection.

4.Maragatha Nanayam

Comedy flick of the year,story of group trying to attain costliest stone worth crores which is also was under the curse of the real owner,the king who owns it for ages,nice comedy genre with decent dialogues,full family entertainer and values your time and money

5.Meesaya Muruku

A college student who achieves his passion towards music though he fails in his love and college,his only support was his father & friends. This movie gives youngsters inspiration for achievement and confidence of winning even after many hickups and failures

6.Vikram Vedha

A story of Underworld Don and honest cops they both have same motive of getting their questions answered,in their own track. A cop trying to justify his acts towards a crime and A perpetrator trying to make cop understand his clouds of doubts. Simply story is brain child of childhood stories of VikramVedhalam.


Story about how the other sides of IT industry it’s darker side to be specific and how youngsters turns as victim of that. How your life style changes due to that and what are the consequences faced, how the people morally affected. Director narrates the story with the incidents and happenings in IT most satire and effective way. Must watch of 2017

8. Kurangu Bommai

Story of the genuine and honest employee who ready to do a job for his boss which turns out problems leading to his death too, and how the trust and loyalty is served. Movie also showcases Middle class efforts for upliftment,friendship of the employee towards the boss, loyalty.

9. Mersal

Though the movie is remake of Apoorva Sagothargal,a cult movie of KamalHassan. This movie was entertainment feast for Vijay fans and also for tamilians. Movie created a India wide spread as it talks about economical imbalance caused by GST and Taxation. It taken Red collar crimes as major issue and moves stories around it. Movie has political satire, economical pun,and flavours of Tamil.


Horrorflick of the year,though this year has many horror movies released this movie created gripping horror experience and psychological thriller. Story of Psychiatrists couple who facing haunted effects from girl next door and reveals the secrets behind that. Movie sounds technically good in Cinematography,BGM,film making and editing.


Story of honest Collector who helps and supports the draught affected village. Again a movie with a political satire and talks about the development which we needs to focus,is it necessary to send rockets to space or to help needy with technology on time. The firm acting by LadySuperstar was added advantage to the movie.

12.Dheeran Athigaram Ondru

An honest police officer finds himself transferred again and again due to his sincerity. After his latest transfer, he comes across a file that involves a gang of ruthless thieves who loot and kill along the highway.Story was real incident happened allover India which originated from TamilNadu,this movie is a tribute to true and honest Police personnel. Splendid movie of the year.


Last but not the least. Recent movie of this year 2017,created resonance of the movie already by bagging awards and favourable reviews all over. Movie of the girl named Aruvi who was affected by economy and as well as by society who turns out against the society in the most terrifying and dramatical way. The most fascinating fact about the movie is it has many debutants in the movie. From director to actor. Everyone in all aspects played perfectly and cooked feast for movie lovers.

Vikram Vedha (2017)

Vikram, a no-nonsense police officer, accompanied by Simon, his partner, is on the hunt to capture Vedha, a smuggler and a murderer. Vedha tries to change Vikram’s life, which leads to a conflict.

Thupparivaalan (2017)

While investigating the killing of a dog, a detective uncovers a series of bizarre and seemingly unrelated crimes.

Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru (2017)

Theeran Thirumaran, an honest police officer, gets transferred multiple times. His life becomes difficult after he investigates the case of criminals who loot and ruthlessly murder people.

Taramani (2017)

An orthodox man and a free-spirited lady fall in love, only to realize just how different they are.

Aruvi (2017)

A gentle girl born and brought up amidst the ever growing eco-social-

consumeristic environment finds it difficult to fit in the society. She decides to take it hard on the people. What she does is the rest of the story.

Velaikkaran (2017)

A youth from the slums fights to end food adulteration that is being committed by large manufacturing companies.

Kuttram 23 (2017)

An Assistant Commissioner of Police (Arun Vijay) investigates the murder of a Church Father and a woman’s disappearance.

Maanagaram (2017)

A man who comes to Chennai for an interview is beaten brutally. A gang of small-time criminals kidnaps the son of a local gangster from his school for a ransom.

Aramm (2017)

IAS officer Madhivadhani faces a big professional challenge after Dhanshika, a young village girl, falls into a deep borewell and the media highlights her rescue efforts.

8 Thottakkal (2017)

Sathya, an honest policeman, accidentally loses his service pistol. Before he can find the pistol, Murthy buys it from a robber and goes on a killing spree.

Kurangu Bommai (2017)

A loyal employee agrees to help his boss by smuggling an expensive artifact out of the country.

Pa Paandi

Pandi, a retired stuntman, has an argument and leaves home to find his long-lost love, Poothendral. They meet and Poothendral invites him home for lunch where he is reunited with his son and grandson.

Solo (2017)

Shekhar, Trilok, Siva and Rudra, who represent the varied elements of nature which are earth, water, fire and wind, deal with love, loss and rage.

Maayavan (2017)

A police officer is on a mission to nab a criminal,who does murder in a same mysteric pattern.

Pandigai (2017)

Given his rough childhood, Velu is afraid of nothing and soon rises to become the top underground fighter in Chennai. To start a new life with his lover, he plans to rig his last fight. But what follows later is heist plan which leads to wallop outcomes and brings all the central characters to single conflict point.

1. Vada Chennai | Starring – Dhanush | Director – Vetri Maaran

Reason #1 (Story and Screenplay): The story isn’t completely about Anbu and his life with the gangsters. Instead, the character of Dhanush is entangled into the main plot and it is not a hero-centric film as the story and the other characters play a pivotal role. Vetrimaaran, who is known for his screenplay and also won a National Award had composed the film with much competence as the characters are neatly sketched and every scene was crucial in building the movie. I loved the way the story took time to construct itself onscreen, running on its own pace and most importantly there isn’t any mind-numbing ridiculous songs or clichéd romantic scenes to disrupt the flow. The narrative of the film was in such a way that if something happens on screen, like a murder, it was explained later on in the film without a plot hole. So, there is a steady search for answers for the audience as they weren’t foreseeable.

Reason #2 (Characters & Performances): The cast of the film was a perfect selection, be it Samuthirakani or Kishore or Daniel Balaji, Vetrimaran has roped in the ‘Best’ for the movie. Andrea Jeremiah unsurprisingly steals the show, yet another vital character and she’s impressive as always. The impact she created when uttering the dialogue ‘Enna Patha Thevdiya Mari Iruka?’ is enormous. But, the stand out characters for me was Rajan played by the ace-director Ameer. His character had an emotional narrative which was very interesting to watch.

Reason #3 (Rating and Background Music): Vetrimaaran seems to not compromise in anything for making the film utterly realistic. They even went for ‘Adults Only’ certification from the censor board without muting the unparliamentary words which was a bold attempt cause that made the film more native. Another pillar to the already astonishing film was Santhosh Narayanan (SaNa) and his pulsating background score. As I mentioned earlier, there weren’t dance numbers or a hero introduction song which films of this genre generally tend to have. Instead, the songs blended well with the scenes. SaNa did know when to use the background score, thereby elevating the film on a tremendous level.

Review Source – Vada Chennai – Honest Movie Review

#2. 96 | Starring – Vijay Sethupathi & Trisha | Director – Prem Kumar

Reason #1 (Direction & Performances): Director Prem Kumar deserves appreciation for such a beautiful story which didn’t rush and took time to settle. Certain scenes are long enough to create an impact as the director Kumar gives ample time for us to dissolve into it. Vijay Sethupathi is very natural with his acting skills and has given a subtle yet powerful performance. He expresses love, shyness, and sorrow through his body language, mannerism, and proves that he is the best actor in the business. Trisha Krishnan is sure to impress everyone with her eyes and expressions and has given a very strong, deep, and unforgettable performance. Forget Jessie, Jaanu will be remembered for a very long time.

Reason #2 (Cinematography & Music): Cinematography and music were the other two intriguing aspects of this film. Shanmuga Sundaram’s frames were not conventional and have managed to capture the details and emotions in depth. Govind Menon had created magic with his music, which was the backbone for the movie. He has helped create a much-needed impact which the director would have wanted through his poignant music, evoking strong emotions.

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