VLC Media Player Shortcut Key

Movie Navigation

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl+DOpen Disc menu
02Ctrl+FOpen Folder (browse folder menu)
03Ctrl+RAdvanced open file
04Ctrl+OOpen single file(s)
05MMute and unmute audio

  Manage VLC, Playlists, and Special Commands

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Ctrl+PPreferences/ interface settings
02Ctrl+EAdjustments and audio/ video Effects
03Ctrl+BEdit Bookmarks
04Ctrl+MOpen Messages
05Ctrl+NOpen Network
06Ctrl+COpen Captue device
07Ctrl+LOpen PlayList; press again to return to movie.
08Ctrl+YSave playlist
09Ctrl+IMedia Information
10DToggle Deinterlace
11NPlay next movie from playlist
12F1Show help
13F11Window full-screen (not equal to pressing F)
14Ctrl+WQuit VLC

 Mouse actions

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Scroll up/ downVolume or Position (see settings)
02Right-clickLocal menu (play controls, audio/ video

 Jump in playback

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
01Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow LeftJump 3 seconds forward/ backward
02Alt+Arrow Right/Arrow LeftJump 10 seconds forward/ backward
03Ctrl+Arrow Right/Arrow LeftJump 1 minute forward/ backward

 Most used

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
02EscExit full screen mode
03SpacePause or play movie
04VSubtitles on/ off
05BSelect audio track
06Ctrl+Arrow Up/Arrow DownVolume up/ down in 5% increments

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