What are some good tips for writing a Blog?

I think the following tips could help those just starting out at blogging as well as veterans but I will do my best to cover every area that you might have questions about. 🙂

  1. No copy-catting. Stop trying to be like someone you admire and find something unique that only you can offer.
  2. Tell the truth. Never lie, mislead, or cajole. Truth is slowly earned, followers are slowly earned, engagement with your blog is slowly earned. Seeing a pattern here?
  3. There are a lot of mediocre blogs out there. Find something, anything that will make your blog stand out.
  4. Be patient with yourself. It takes time to find your voice and your niche. Don’t give up in exasperation just because you aren’t an immediate success. Just enjoy the process!
  5. Pick a theme for your blog.
  6. Don’t measure your statistics too early. Although statistics are incredibly helpful, they can be discouraging in the beginning. Obsessing over daily numbers when you’re only a few months into blogging will not only waste your time but also leave your discouraged.
  7. Make your content easy to share. The majority of content that is shared is done through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and websites similar to those. Make it as easy as possible for your readers to share your content. This is essential.
  8. Encourage community and engagement. Ask questions at the end of your blog posts. Enthusiastically encourage your readers to participate.
  9. Networking is important. If you’re not connected with fellow bloggers, you’re missing out. Regularly read bloggers that you enjoy or that are similar to you. Engage with them and reach out to them.
  10. Guest post, Guest post, guest post.
  11. Write as often as possible. Bloggers who stick with it ultimately win. I have blogger friends who wrote for two years before they got a huge audience, while others exploded within months. Don’t quit. Your audience will come.
  12. Be prepared for critics. A few people hating on your blog is just a sign that you’re becoming relevant. You’re doing something write.
  13. Find something- a website, art, etc.- that regularly inspires you. This will help you come up with fresh, quality content. When you’re empty, fill yourself up. Don’t neglect this.
  14. Build an email list. Having people’s email addresses (and their permission to use them) will help remind them to check up on your blog. There are numerous articles online to help you with building an email list.
  15. Invest in good web design, even though it can be costly. Bad design will always get in the way of good content.
  16. Be generous. Give away more information, content and ideas that you’re comfortable with. People will reward you, I promise.
  17. Do you have a successful blog that you look up to? Watch what they do. Don’t copy them, but learn their tactics to success.

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