What are the problems in building a online career?

I sent this message to 3000 people. The purpose was very simple. I wanted to know what the problems of humanity are on the way to building a career? Why can not they who cannot exist online at all?

Thank you so much to those who gave me this message’s reply. I tried to read almost every report. Of course, it was not possible for me to read 3000 replies, but I tried to understand the problems as I could.

Today’s article about these problems. I am sure, many of you have a lot of problems and this article will be helpful to you.

let’s start.

Problem 1: The lack of capital to invest
I most likely received this Response tone from me. Many people say they want to do something online, lack of investment capital or at the moment can not afford to do anything online.

What can be the solution to this problem?

First of all, it is not necessary to earn money online but to invest. Yes, if someone wants to set yourself up in affiliate marketing or dropship type industries, then the question of investment comes because they are not right, many businesses. But there are much more online too. For example, a person who has learned to programme through YouTube and Google Ghataghati, has learned WordPress theme development, has learned to write articles, learned graphic designs or has learned more than thousands of freelance skills, but no money is being spent on online earning More.

He can easily go to popular marketplaces with these skills and clients from all over the world can work. So, if you have problems with capital or investment, I will tell them that there is no need to invest in industries that need investment. This issue does not remain in those that do not require investment.

Problem 2: I can not figure out what to earn from a site
There is a fundamental problem in this question. Even then, the reason for writing headings in this way is that captcha, watching videos, applying all these slogan “work” runs behind the idea that many people need a “site” to set themselves online.

No site is actually needed.

The birth of a site or marketplace is only for you and the client to communicate. Not to earn you. If you have a skill, you can try to get the job done by opening an account at a marketplace, but if you do not have the skill, then opening the account in the marketplace is of no avail.

We can compete with Uber. Suppose you do not have a car. Now if you are registered as a driver in the Uber and you are sitting on an app, what will be the profit? Will you get the passenger? Do not get the service because your service provider has no choice. Similar to the marketplace. Up Work, Future or the world’s marketplace, if you have a skill, take it as crazy. If you do not take marketplace, it does not matter if you really know the skill. The lack of work is the lack of skillful people. But if you do not teach the time to open an account at the Marketplace, then nothing will actually happen.

Problem 3: How to Get Started Do not Understand
When I sent that message to me, many people have ripped me how to start or what they should do, it is difficult to understand that many people are having problems.

If not, I can easily explain. Before you start, you need to understand, earn 2 ways online. By setting up a business yourself, such as Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping, Local SEO, etc.

Or learn a skill by freelancing through the sale of those skills. Such as graphic design, content writing, etc.

You have to decide which direction you will go in between 2. It’s the first job.

The second thing is that after going to one of these 2’s there is much more inside it, is not it? There are around 5,500 freelance skills in this post, which can be earned online. But we are left with about 2-3 different skills such as graphic design and web development. At the second step, you will select the skill from here which you like. I think it’s fun to learn this thing.

Stipe 3 will learn that thing.

Step 4 will use that learning knowledge in the marketplace, get jobs outside the marketplace.

Problem 4: Being a lie expert
This is a very big problem. Many people say in my message that “I can do SEO / can / I can do it, but I can not get it”

I then sent back their replies and asked that you can do SEO, what is the proof? Did you manually rank any site?

Their answer was: “I can SEO because I have seen this video with SEO / this course / I have read this article”

That’s not right to say. It’s called a lie expert. In today’s world, if someone can be SEO, I can not say whether I can sit down and challenge it. If you can do SEO and do not work, you contact me. I’ll give you thousands of dollars in the month.

But you have the ability to rank a site because that’s SEO, is not it?

I’m talking about SEO but it’s true for all the skills. We do not think very easily we are experts. It’s also a big reason not to have a career in online careers.

Problem 5: Offline people coming online online
Sad but true. Many of us can not believe that online is not for me. If someone is 5 years old and after five years of practice, we do not say that I will be a doctor, but if we see someone doing something good online we think I can. The reason for this is that from a distance, everyone seems to be a little easier online.

If I have a cricket bat at home, like I am not worthy to be Shakib Al Hasan, I have not been able to do the job online while having a computer and internet connection at home. But this idea comes in many.

In order to set up a career in an industry, there is interest in and dedication to the industry. There is a lot of disadvantage in Bangladesh. Those who are engineers in Bangladesh, doctors are not like they are from the love of those professions (most of the time either everyone is either or the job can be found, or the family’s request), just like those who want to come online in various career online Do not want to come up with interest. They want to come for money.

Again we get an analogy.

Suppose grass in front of your house is more. To be cut. There are 2 options in your hands.

You can give Karim the job. Karim likes to cut grass, is not worried about the money and at this moment, cutting grass is so much fun.

Rahim, on the other hand, can work for you. Rahim wants to cut grass because the money is available in the grass and Rahim is now the job that needs his grass cutting job to get out of it. And she does not like the job she is now.

Most of the people interested in building our online careers are like e-Rahim. You have to try to be like Karim, to be successful online.

Problem 6: I do not find good resources for learning
We like to give excuses as a nation. This is actually an excuse. A company named Rockefeller has made a company sending a rocket named Ellen Mask, the name is SpaceX. This guy did not have any knowledge of rocket. How did you know? Read books and get help from the internet.

And you can not learn any skills online or get resources if you come in 2018, most people will laugh.

There is a reason why most people do not find resources. When we search on Google or YouTube, we search for how to earn money, write keywords on these topics. If you search on Google or YouTube by writing such things as how to make money online, most of what you get is scams or false information.

But if you are searching for hard skills, such as a graphic design tutorial, you must get many good resources. Now the thing is that the contents of the Internet are not so tight. Here you will be able to do all your work by putting a stretch of time. But most people do not want to do this trouble. That’s why they said they did not find good resources.

Problem 7: I can not find mentors that will show me all
Again, if someone comes to you in 2018, you always show them all with personal mentors

He does not have his own work, he has an unlimited time in his hand
He has handed himself to the people, so he gave himself for the people
He receives a note / non-mention from you
From my personal experience I can say, at Passive Journal University, I have become a digital marketer who teaches about 500 people together on a single course. Even after teaching 500 people together, I think that sometimes the loss of the fact that I spend time on the Passive Journal University is monumental. Because at this time it could have earned more than 2 takas if you did it on your own. I do it from a liability to Bangladesh. I remember how hard I had to grow up and I did these things. But that does not mean you need a mentor.

You will be sitting, someone will show you every step, something to expect, so do not be afraid to expect from anyone. If you get stuck on something, you will get help, and when someone will help you, the mentality should be like this. I do not see any need to find mentors.

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