What is a QR code? Complete information

Friends, if you look at your Aadhar card, then a square square box is made on top of it, some different design is made in it, then the question will come in your mind that man why this box design is made and what it is. Benefit? So I tell you that that box-like design is called QR Code.

What is a QR code? Complete information 1

QR Code Full Form 

If you want to know what is the full form of QR Code, then its full form is – Quick Response Code.

Now you know that What is a QR code? but now the question is what happens to it and why is it used?

Actually, the QR Code which is the advance version of Barcode and it is called 2D barcode.

Now again you must be thinking when barcode was already there, then why the need for a QR Code means what is the difference between barcode and QR Code?

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So friends, you cannot store much information in barcode, but you can store 100 times more information than barcode in a QR Code.

Another thing is that if the barcode is accidentally damaged due to some reason, it means that a light cut will be broken, then it will be difficult to get store information, but the QR Code has the capability of data correction. Even then, there is a chance that you can get store information in it.

When you see the QR Code, a square box is made on its 3 Corners, which identifies that this code is the QR Code and there is also a box in its last fourth corner, which means that the reader means the QR scanner. The design that will be printed is not curved or curved as if the QR Code will print where the surface is bumpy, then the scanner will scan even when it is not in barcode, in barcode. You have to scan very directly.

You will remember that when you use the whatsapp web version, the QR Code is scanned and at that time the angle of the screen also changes, even then further processing is done.

Friends, you can store any information inside the QR Code, like you can also store the URL or email address. For example, if you store your email or website address in QR Code, you will keep it on your visiting card and when any people scan it, then immediately your website will open directly or the option to send email will come by itself.

If I say it simply, you can use the QR Code a lot with your mind.

How to make a qr code

If you also want to create your own QR Code for your own work, then there is a lot of free QR Code Generator website that will be made for you, but if you want to make it for commercial work then my company will do this work and Will be able to create web based apps for you separately so you can send me mail onlinetips30@gmail.com

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